Thursday, February 19, 2015

the "cookie"

It is common knowledge amongst family and friends that my dad will eat just about anything...and typically in large quantities! He's a good eater...too good in fact. About 10 years ago my cousin lived with my parents during her last semester of college. One night my mom made a 9x13 casserole for dinner but before she could eat she had to leave for a meeting. So my mom asked my cousin to make sure my dad didn't eat the entire casserole while she was gone. My cousin assumed my mom was joking because who eats an entire 9x13 casserole?!? I'll tell you who. My dad. Yep he ate the whole thing. All by himself. Like I said the man can eat!

So last week when I was at dance class with Charlotte and Joe sent me a text asking me to guess who took a bite out of the "cookie" I should have known! 

It was my dad. (I wrongly guessed Hannah first). But here's the funny part. That is NOT a cookie. It's a salt dough landform created by Isaiah at school. That "cookie" is actually an island with a volcano. 

I am going to assume that when Isaiah told his teacher the next day that "my grandpa ate my project" that was a first time she had heard that from a student! And I sure hope she got a good laugh over the situation. Because we did!


  1. Bahahahaha! At least he didn't finish it ;)

    1. He didn't even finish the first bite - too salty - he spit it out!