Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mommy's Hospital "Vacation"

Every time Charlotte visited Levi and I at the hospital this past weekend she referred to my hospital stay as "mommy's vacation". (I guess I might have mentioned one too many times how much I was looking forward to staying at the hospital at the end of my pregnancy;) But in reality staying in the hospital with just one newborn for 3 days with 3 prepared meals a day and 24 hour nursing care...heck yeah! It was kind-of vacation-esque.

Levi and I partook in all the usual post-partum hospital activities....we took slow leisurely walks around the floor. Him in his wheely bassinet. Me in my cute pink hospital-issued gown and grippy socks. He had his first bath. He screamed through most of it while his sisters watched through the window.

I stayed up ALL night after his birth just marveling at his perfect newborn-ness. He slept like the proverbial baby sleeps. The second night he cried and demanded to be fed constantly. And I cried and tried (and failed) to stay awake. Joe slept like a baby. By the third night we sorta worked out a truce. And split our time feeding and sleeping with very little crying. 

Levi's world was rocked upside down three times by the intrusion of his LOUD and very active older siblings. Amazingly I held it together and wasn't too overwhelmed by their visits. I of course was shocked by how HUGE they seemed. Especially Hannah. I swear toddlers triple in size when they become a big sibling! 

Levi hung out in the nursery (being rocked by a sweet nurse) while I enjoyed my first post-delivery shower. It was pretty great! But I have to admit it wasn't as amazing as my first ever post-partum shower nearly 8 years ago. Seriously THAT was the best shower of my life. I guess 3 kids later I am just a lot more accustomed to sitting in my own filth?!

We both ate pretty well. And usually simultaneously. I only spilt on Levi a few times. Although I think (I hope!) he enjoyed his meals more than I enjoyed mine. This particular hospital cafeteria left A LOT to be desired:(  Seriously this boy is natural nurser and I am so thankful because I was dreading the re-learning to breastfeed thing. But he has made it easy peasy.

You get the picture. We enjoyed ourselves. Especially our time just the two of us (and sometimes just the three of us...with daddy:). Of course there were a few funny moments along the way as well. 

For example when the pediatrician came to examine Levi and we had ALL the kids (+ Aunt Chelsea) in the room with us. The conversation went a little like this...

Pediatrician: How many of them are yours? 
Me: All of them. 
Pediatrician:  So three. 
Me: Nope. All four of them. 
Pediatrician: Wow! You are busy. 
Me: Yep. I guess so...

Apparently THAT (+ you have your hands full) is the universal response to a mom with 2+ young children. Even the pediatrician couldn't come up with a more creative response/observation.  

Later the next day when my nurse came to "massage my uterus" (aka torture me!) I thought it best to send the kids out of the room...

Me: You guys go on a walk with daddy. The nurse is going to check mommy's tummy. 
Hannah: Oh and your belly button?
Me: Sure and my belly button. 
Hannah: The nurse push on your belly?
Me: Yep. The nurse will push my belly. 
Hannah: And make it smaller?
Me: Hopefully. 
Hannah: It big!! Lee-eye stretch your belly and make it big. Nurse push it smaller. 
Me: Yep. Something like that. 

If only it really were that easy! Although she WAS quite accurate about him coming out in 2 maybe she's on to something!

Nurse: Your uterus is a little boggy (while pushing on my very sore stomach!). 
Me: Oh. Ok. 
Nurse:  That tends to happen to old, tired utereses. They peter out. 
Me: Well yes. It has delivered four babies I suppose it's allowed to be tired. 

The big kids met Levi for the first time before school on Friday. When they came back to visit that night I was curious to hear what they had told others about their new baby brother...

Me: Isaiah what did you tell your classmates about your new baby brother?
Isaiah: That he's hairy and has long fingers.
Me: And what did Charlotte tell her teacher?
My mom: That he's a baldy like her (when she was a baby). 
Me: ....Hhmm....did they even see the same baby?!

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