Friday, February 20, 2015

Even more DIY family pictures

Because I like to torture myself and my family, I decided that we NEEDED family pictures now that we are a family of six. And in crazy Bear fashion these pictures had to be taken ASAP after Levi's arrival into our family. And since I own a decent camera and love a challenge, we of course went the DIY route (once again). 

Joe thinks Hannah stole the show in the sibling picture. And I kinda have to agree. Those pigtails + that smile! Gah. 

Unfortunately the experience was not nearly as serene as these pictures would suggest. The real story is that it took us nearly THREE HOURS to get everyone ready for this "photo shoot". Ridiculous. Who knew it could take soooooo long to get six people fed, dressed and seated on a couch? Not I. But now I know. I really, really know. It's A LOT of work getting a family of six presentable. Naively I thought the worst was past us once we were all dolled up. Wrong! I quickly discovered that getting on the couch was only half the battle! Arranging the children + getting them to cooperate...nearly killed me! But we persevered. And won!  If you call cute pictures winning that is. (I do! Victory was mine that fine February morning.) 

So the calm, serene ambiance of the pictures (can pictures have an ambiance?) may be forced. But trust me, the love and adoration my big kids have for their baby brother is 100% real. It blows me away just how much they love him. They can't get enough of him. Their love for him is the real deal.

Now while I would love for the world to believe that this is how I look while taking pictures with my seven day old son and family...

Truth be told, this is a much more accurate depiction...

Yes. It was every bit as painful as those pictures would have you believe! And thank you Joseph for capturing these precious moments. They are real framers. Even Levi was upset by his siblings lack of cooperation...or maybe it was mommy's scary tone of voice as she barked orders at everyone:) Either way him and I were not impressed.

I did manage to snap a few actual frame worthy pictures of newborn Levi....on a different day when all of his big siblings were otherwise occupied (ie at school or napping). The close up of Levi's head resting on Joe's hand is my favorite!!! And if I ever get around to making a birth announcement that is definitely the picture I will be using.

Ok. This last picture is a very close second favorite! I mean a baby in scrub pants and cap...too much cuteness. Levi will be wearing this outfit to MATCH DAY if it still fits him:) Although Joe thinks no one will recognize it as scrubs. Come on? Its obviously scrubs, right?!

Ok. I think that's the end of family pictures. For now. I mean I think I should be good for another six months or so. 

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