Monday, February 16, 2015

We did it.

Look at us!

We did it. We went OUT as a family of six. And we all survived. It was a balmy 28 degrees out on Friday and Levi was a whopping two weeks old PLUS the big kids had the day off from we went to the zoo!

Never mind the fact that we didn't actually leave our house until nearly 10am. I am just impressed we made it out the door with everyone fed, dressed and mostly presentable for public! (Plus 10 am was a vast improvement from the THREE hours it took us to get ready for family pictures just one week earlier...more on that at a later time.)

We lasted four hours at the zoo. Which in newborn speak equals two feeding times. And our only major incident was a potty accident at the polar bear exhibit. (Which was accident #2 in the same number of days...let's just say the new big sister honeymoon phase is over...lots of regression. Erg!) 

No pictures of animals were taken. But I did get this gem of me with all of my children...

Apparently it's hard to smile nice when you are four years old! Joe thinks I should make her practice (not in front of the camera). I think it will just make the problem worse. We'll just wait and see if she grows out of this phase.

Some notables from this little day trip include a sweet older couple who (after watching our family eat lunch) made a point to tell me how well behaved our children were. Makes a mom proud! I did have one minor freak out moment in regards to new baby + germs!! A sweet but not very cautious mentally handicapped adult grabbed for Levi's hand (before I could stop her) because he was "so cute she HAD to touch him". I may or may not have slathered his hand in hand sanitizer after that incident. And I definitely mean I did:)

But overall it was a great little outing. The big kids needed some excitement in their lives. And despite spending 24/7 together as a family these past two weeks, we needed it. We all needed some fun, quality time together. A change of pace. Plus Joe is leaving in two short weeks (for his LAST rotation in Chicago). The odds of me taking all four kids out for a fun event while he is gone...slim to none! It was now or never folks..or at least a very long time!

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