Monday, March 2, 2015

(my) quotable kids

Forgive me. I've neglected to mention my big kids lately. I've been a little consumed (obsessed?) by our newest family member...for good reason I assure you. Newborns are all consuming plus he's so sweet & cuddly. And let's be honest, while quite demanding, his needs are far easier to meet than the big kids' needs. Sleep. Eat. Poop. Repeat. That's pretty much it. Therefore I have deferred most big kid activities and responsibilities to Joe. Because I could. He had the entire month of February off from school. A luxury I've never had before with previous babies. Typically Joe has stayed home a couple days after the birth of our children. Not weeks! 4th year has its perks! And I have been taking full advantage.

But rest assured the big kids are still here. Up to all their kid-like antics. Farting at the dinner table during prayer. Sneaking fruit snacks and granola bars instead of eating dinner. Rainbow looming. Crafting. Coloring. Begging to hold baby Levi and smothering him in kisses.  Planning and playing games only they understand. Peeing their pants. (OK. That one is mostly just one of the big kids:) Playing Legos. Making messes. Fighting and taunting each other. Creating and gifting belated Valentines. All those things siblings do. Basically driving me crazy AND making me fall more in love with them every day. 

Isaiah was spoiled with a one-on-one date with his aunt this weekend. They went to a dinosaur exhibit. They also stopped in the gift shop. Isaiah found gifts for his sisters...and promptly spent his aunt's money! Ha. He totally has her wrapped around his finger.

But in all seriousness, how sweet is that? He thought of his sisters first! It's moments like that that make me think we haven't completely failed as parents to our first born (and by default guinea pig) child.
The girls have been saying hilarious and sometimes insightful things. Like the other night when I pulled out a gallon of ice cream to have a little dessert as a family...

Hannah: Why da icecream in da throw up bucket?

Clearly we spend more time throwing up into ice cream buckets than we do eating ice cream. Sad. I need to fix that. 

Charlotte: Mom. Look!
Me: (Stopping everything because it MUST be something good.) What?
Charlotte: Your tummy! It is almost back to normal. 

Almost being the key word. Maybe I shouldn't increase our ice cream intake after all!

Charlotte: Mom do you know the hardest part of having a baby?
Me: What's that Char?
Charlotte: Pushing them out and feeding them. 

Not sure how she came to those conclusions. But I might have to disagree. The hardest part is figuring out how to care of the baby AND all the older siblings! Something I am going to have to figure out this week as Joe returns to the hospital to learn the art (the science?) of reading radiographs. Wish me luck. And maybe a little for Joe too?! 

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