Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Pictures (version 2014)

Over the weekend, I decided we just needed an updated family picture. Plus there is this adorable bench at the park near our apartment here in Iowa that was begging someone to take their picture on it:) I just couldn't resist. So I dug deep in our limited traveling wardrobes and found some cute outfits that coordinated, pulled out my fancy camera, propped it on the stroller, set the self-timer, promised the kids suckers for smiles and WA-LA!

A brand new family picture. The 2014 version. Two out of three children smiling and looking at the camera was/is good enough for me! And don't worry, Hannah still got a sucker...even though she is clearly NOT smiling. She is in the picture. What more can you expect of a toddler?! Not much.

I also got some good individual shots of the we were walking home from the park! I had actually forgotten to bring the promised suckers to the park. (Oops!) The kids were on a mission to get their suckers. I am surprised they stopped long enough for me to snap any individual pictures.

Now admittedly going the DIY route for pictures resulted in A LOT fewer good pictures. But I am still pretty happy with the results. But OH MY GOODNESS I can hardly believe how much my kids have grown and changed in the last year. Don't believe me? Check out last year's family pictures HERE. Because seeing is believing.

Oh look...Hannah did look at the camera for one picture. The very first one taken. Too bad the rest of us didn't have our act together yet!

All in all a not terrible experience with mediocre results.


  1. Oh my goodness! Looking back at last years pictures to compare is shocking!! They all have changed A LOT! Crazy to think what happens in a year when our eyes are on the day to day stuff. They change so much so fast. But CUTE, CUTE, CUTE pictures. All of them. I'm jealous! Hope our family photos turn out this well in August after the baby is born. Fingers crossed!!!

    1. Thanks friend! Your family pictures will turn out great...I am sure of it. You hired a professional PLUS you guys are the most photogenic family I know:)