Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Goodbye Nancy!

Joe very gently pointed out the fact that I have been a tad negative here on the ole family blog lately. He may or may not have called me "Negative Nancy". (Ok. He did.) Mostly he was confused/concerned because our life right now is quite pleasant...but you wouldn't know it based on my writing.

So let me set the record straight. 

I am happy. And life is pretty darn good. The girls got over their "colds" rather quickly and are back to their usual sisterly love-hate war-like antics. Isaiah is thriving in school and life in general. Joe is home...ALL THE TIME...well until Sunday when he leaves for more interviews:( And having him around is WONDERFUL. Seriously parenting is so much easier with a co-parent. He has been great at picking up my slack. And the larger I get the more slack there has been around here!

See? Definitely large. Having a hard time putting on my socks large. But happy and waddling my way through my days. I am trying to really enjoy these last weeks of (my last*) pregnancy. And because most of the time I feel good, it's been easy to enjoy. Baby boy moves all the time...which I love! And my varicose veins have decided to not ache constantly so that's pretty awesome too:) Plus I put some foam under my hips when I sleep and it has helped significantly. Not so achey anymore. Yay! 

Oh and as much as I complain about Hannah and her unruly ways, I am completely enamored with her and her blossoming verbal abilities these days. Two year olds are equal parts exhausting and adorable. Some of my current favorite Hannah-isms are:

"I not know" (ie I do not know)
"Where is dit?" (ie What is this?)
"I updown!" (ie I am upside down! A favorite position of hers recently. Hence I will be registering her for toddler gymnastics soon!)
"Where Tarlotte? (ie Where is Charlotte? This is typically the first question out of her mouth after nap. Melts my heart everytime.) 
"Who made dis? God made dis?" (ie Who made this? God made this?) 

And a less than favorite new phrase..."WHY?"  Yep. We have entered the phase of 200+ "whys?" per day. It's overwhelming because most the time I don't know WHY!!! Really I don't know why dogs bark or why it gets dark so early or why it is so cold in Minnesota. If I knew I would tell you Hannah. I promise. 

Life is good. I don't have any real ground to complain on. And it's about to get better...this weekend I am going to quilt retreat with my mom & cousin!!! (I won't actually be quilting but that's irrelevant. I will hopefully finish both my girls' baby books...never mind the fact that they are four and two years old...better late than never, right?!) Oh and Joe will be taking the kids to see Santa this weekend. Charlotte and Hannah both claim they will sit on his lap this year. We shall see. (I bet they don't). My sweet rule-following Charlotte asked me yesterday if we have to bring money when we see Santa...ya know to pay for the presents we ask for! I assured her we don't:)

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