Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pepsi & Patience

I was going to take a little unannounced blogging hiatus until the New Year...mostly because I have something a little more important to focus on. No it's not nesting. Or preparing for Christmas. It's my CME (continuing medical education). If I want to keep my certification as a PA I need to complete it by the end of the year...which is approaching quickly (in case you didn't notice)!

But then my girls dropped some gems today that I just couldn't not document. So here I am on my blog. Not doing CME. 

I have this bad habit. See the thing is, I love a really cold Pepsi. In fact I like to have one nearly every day. (Yes, even while pregnant.) But what I don't do is keep the fridge stocked with Pepsi. That would be so simple and logical. Instead I wait until I really NEED a Pepsi and in a desperate attempt to chill one quickly I stick a can in the freezer. And then I stalk the freezer every 5 minutes until it has appropriately cooled my Pepsi. My parents' freezer has an automatic ice maker with the option of making crushed ice. And for some reason I feel the ice maker is the best place to chill a can of soda. Except want to know what happens when someone chooses the crushed ice option when there is a can of Pepsi in it?! It becomes Pepsi-flavored crushed ice. And the inside of the freezer...well it's a Pepsi covered mess! Yes I know from experience. In fact it happened today for the second time! 

And as I was dumping the ice and attempting to clean the mess I had created, Charlotte walked over and very seriously said to me, "Well mommy I hope you learned your lesson!" 

I think I did. 

And now an unrelated cute picture of my kids at practice for the Christmas program...
An angel and two adorable shepherds!

Tonight as I was getting the girls ready for bed I told them to "hurry up and get your jammies on. Mommy is losing her patience!" To which Hannah promptly responded "what patience?"  

Exactly child. What patience?! I don't know. But I think I used to have some. Back when I could still tie my own shoes. Or when bathing small children didn't feel like the equivalent of running an uphill race. When washing dishes and doing laundry could be done without taking breaks to rest. 

I hope to find it again...someday. 

And my lap. It will be nice to have that back as well. (Hannah agrees completely:)

If you couldn't guess Joe is gone again. On an epic residency interview road trip. Mostly epic because of the vast amount of miles he will be traversing. Minnesota to Texas to Florida to Iowa and finally back to Minnesota next week. 

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