Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Pageant

Wednesday evening after we left the Christmas pageant rehearsal Charlotte mentioned that she wished she could be Mary someday. So imagine her delight when this morning Mary did not show up for first service and SHE WAS CHOSEN TO BE MARY!!! Imagine no longer...I captured her delight with (just a few!) photos...

That wary looking shepherd next to Mary (top right picture)...she never made it on stage once today! She stayed firmly in my lap for both services. During the first service she was in full costume...lamb & shepherds hook and all. It made it slightly more challenging for me to take pictures. But truth be told, I didn't mind having extra snuggle time with her. More and more I am realizing just how few days I have left with her as my baby! No need to rush these year she can join the big kids on stage.

Isaiah was the lead shepherd and took his job very serious. He did excellent...even if he couldn't convince his baby sister to join him and the other shepherds:)

That's pure JOY on my four year old's face! I love it. She sang most of the words of both songs...Silent Night  & Away in a Manger. Isaiah....did NOT! No surprise there. We aren't exactly a musically talented family, so he comes by his dislike for singing honestly:) Mary ALMOST left baby Jesus in the manger at the end of her performance, but at the last second she decided it best to grab him! Phew.

After the first service the real Mary showed up. And I was so proud of Charlotte when she graciously and without complaint took off the Mary costume and handed it over. She gladly joined Isaiah and the shepherds for the second service.

Is there anything cuter than seeing your kids on stage?! I think not.

Well...maybe this...

Little girls in Christmas dresses! Too much cuteness. I can hardly stand it. And to think there will be even more cuteness next week.

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