Monday, December 1, 2014

Deck the Halls

So we did it again. We attempted to make another amateur video of the tree setting up and decorating process. And it was a PROCESS this year. Half the branches had fallen off and most of the other half were in the wrong location. It was slow and tedious but we persevered. Okay honestly mostly Joe persevered. I just grumbled and complained and tried to get the lighting right on my camera. And the kids were completely uninterested and playing in the other room. I don't blame them. It took a LONG TIME to fix....the tree and the camera setting.

(Sorry I didn't figure out how to keep the flash ON until we were well into the process. So it's a bit funky at the beginning but I promise it gets better...after the about the first 25 seconds of the video).

And just for fun, HERE is the video from last year! So yeah, this year's video is a little better. But there is definitely room for improvement...maybe next year. Third time is the charm, right?! Once I get that camera remote for Christmas (**hint, hint family**) I will be in business. No more relying on self timer or running back to the camera a zillion times to capture the moment.


  1. Awesome! Nicely done, Yard family!

  2. How fun! A neat Christmas tradition! Visiting from Kelly's! Come and see me, #46!

  3. Cute video! Looks like a lot of fun! I am visiting from Kelly's! Come and see me at #36!