Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Do NOT open until Christmas!

We hadn't had these cards in our hot little hands for more than a few hours when this happened...

Yep. Hannah managed to find and open all three of the Christmas cards labeled "Do NOT open until Christmas". One envelope was completely destroyed beyond recognition. This child. Seriously.

(Although admittedly it's usually me that opens cards/gifts early...thus the need to be labeled as "do not open". Joe's grandparents know me well!)

She is a one girl wrecking crew. In just the past few days alone she has managed to destroy one mug, one nativity set, too many ornaments to count as well as almost anything/everything her siblings are playing with. Although she is considerate enough to put herself in timeout after ruining her siblings fun:) So that has to count for something, right? It's actually kind of cute....she destroys whatever they are working on and immediately says "I no want time out" as she walks herself to the timeout spot! Gotta love a self disciplining child. 

She has also "rearranged" many of Grandma's recipe cards as well as colored in her (favorite?) cook book! Oh and the other day she pulled out an entire clump of Charlotte's hair...completely unprovoked and for no apparent reason! This child. It's a good thing she is so stinking adorable. 

Completely unrelated. But if standing in the cold and taking pictures while feverish = how my husband shows me love. Then me standing at the stove and making fudge at 32 weeks pregnant = how I show him love! 

It's the little things in life that mean the most. 

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