Friday, September 12, 2014


A little late to the party...okay A LOT late to the party, but better late than never right?! What I am trying to say is today I am linking up with A Mama Collective this week at the very last minute. I have a lot of random things to share so I thought this format might work perfectly. Plus I love a fun link-up:)

Thinking about...who this fourth baby is. I am so so so curious. Is it a boy or a girl?!? Ack. The suspense is killing me. We will find out the gender in two weeks. Soon I will know. I have never before felt this strong of a desire to know the gender of my baby. I have always enjoyed the surprise in the delivery room. But it's different this time. I want to know what this baby I can picture WHO will be completing our family. Maybe it's because I assume this will be our last baby. Or maybe it's because I have a strong preference (ahem...boy:). Or maybe it's because I am already set on one boy name and one girl name so I want to call him/her by the correct name. I don't know. I just know I really want to know WHO is in there! nothing?! Seriously I have NO craft projects in progress at the moment. And my mom has been doing 99.9% of the cooking and baking since we moved here. So yeah, I got nothing! Does making plans count? Because Joe will be here in a week (and will be staying for 4 weeks! Yay. Yay. Yay!) so I am making lots of plans for us during his time here. Mostly re-connecting with old friends.

Reading...Charlotte's Web. Out loud a chapter each night to the kids' at bedtime. Next book on the kids' docket is the Hardy Boys (only because I found it at the library tonight. I am seriously open to suggestions for good read aloud chapter books appropriate for a 7 & 4 year old. Any ideas?) In regards to my reading...well it has been pathetic ever since Hannah was born...2 years ago! Seriously I am yet to complete a book in its entirety! But I am determined to change that, so tonight I picked up (what I assume will be) an easy read to get me back into reading - Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green. (I can't completely blame child #3 for my lack of reading. Her birth/long nursing sessions is when I discovered BLOGS. Blog reading quickly became an obsession for me and somehow replaced actual books:)

Listening to...the white noise of the air purifier and my children's sleepy breathing noises...due to the fact that I have been sleeping in their room ever since we moved here. Which I realize is a terrible TERRIBLE habit, especially in light of the fact that...

Thankful for...Joe will be home in ONE WEEK!!! (And I am sure he would rather I sleep in the same room as him and NOT with the kids:)Can't wait to see his handsome face and not just via facetime!  Oh and Joe was offered his first residency interview. Which at the moment feels HUGE and AWESOME!! And it makes it seem like there is a light at the end of this tunnel

Loving...this magic maker...

Seriously it's amazing! It actually makes my hair wavy/curly. Which is no small feat with my mop of stick straight locks. I never thought I would be able to create the "messy beach wave" look, but (thankfully) I was wrong! I love it! And want to know what makes this an even sweeter situation? Someone gave me this curling wand for FREE. That someone is an internet friend. Meaning I have never met her. Yet she generously mailed me this wand out of the kindness of her heart! Aren't people great? I think so. Oh and after Isaiah saw me with my new hair style yesterday he told me I look like a teenager...if I weren't pregnant:)

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