Monday, September 8, 2014

Sparkle Shoes

Over the weekend I switched over all of my kids' wardrobes to fall attire. During this major undertaking, I unearthed these hand-me-down shoes for Charlotte...

Wearable? Yes. Pretty? Well they have seen better days:) 

This morning while at Walmart (again!) I remembered this tutorial I had read awhile back. A tutorial on snazzing up old worn out ballet slipper type shoes. I quickly buzzed through the craft section and asked Charlotte what she would like to use to "pretty up" her white shoes. She immediately selected PINK GLITTER. I thought gold might be better. A little more neutral:) So we bought both.

And one hour (and a slight mess) later we were done with our transformation!

Pretty? Yes absolutely for a little girl! And still wearable:)

Obviously I didn't use spray paint like the original tutorial. In case anyone is interested here is what I did...

Purchased two tubes of 88¢ glitter. One gold. One pink. Allowed each girl to hold a tube of glitter on the drive home. The gold glitter was uncapped and scattered ALL over the two year old and her car seat. Pink quickly became the forerunner for the project. (I advise keeping the glitter in the bag and well supervised at all times if you decide to try this project! Because apparently the tubes are NOT taped shut. Who knew?!)

Next I gave the shoes a quick scrubbing. Taped off the toes with painters tape and let my girls go wild with the Modge Podge on the untaped toe section of the shoes. 

Then came a generous dose of glitter sprinkled/dumped on by my little helpers.

The last step I completed by myself, therefore no pictures were taken. After allowing the modge podge to dry, I carefully removed the tape and applied a top (protective) coat of modge podge to the glittery areas. 

I LOVE how they turned out. More importantly so does Charlotte. She calls them her "fun shoes". I am not sure how well they will hold up. BUT we hardly used any of the glitter so we have a lot leftover for any reapplications that are needed. 

Seriously a fun and super easy "fix" for worn out shoes. Now if only there were a way to make worn out boy sneakers look better! 


  1. I LOVE these!!! The gold glitter alllll over the car seat? So funny...but not funny. :)

    1. Thanks Sheena! I never would have thought of this idea without your tutorial. Oh and the carseat picture was taken AFTER I cleaned the majority of it up:)

  2. This is sooo cute! My daughter has a favorite pair of shoes that could use help just like this!

    1. Do it! It's so easy and cute:) And durable! Those shoes have been handed down to little sister and still look great. We have even "fixed" another pair of shoes using the same method. Ok. Enough about shoes. I saw you are a Texan living in Colorado. I'm a Minnesotan living in Texas...and never thought I'd be here. And yes Blue Bell ice cream is pretty fabulous!