Wednesday, September 3, 2014

new school.

Monday (Labor Day) we rolled into town right around (the kids') bedtime...we were a dirty, stinky, tired mess. A mess that had to get cleaned up and ready to start school...the very next morning! Aack.

I think we did alright. I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

Not documented is the pathetic scraps of food I put together as Isaiah's first day of school lunch:) Win some. Lose some. (For the record, Isaiah considered the lunch a win as it was mostly junk/convenience food. Definite mom lose!) 

Dropping Isaiah off at his brand new school, in a new state when he was clearly nervous was SO very VERY hard. I think it was worse than dropping him off for his first day of kindergarten two years ago! And that was hard. Knowing we chose to uproot him this year and cause him this turmoil...well it was almost too much for me to handle. And irrationally I was mad at Joe for being 600 miles away on this big day. Because rationally I know that even if he were in the same state as us the odds of him being present for school drop off would be somewhere between keep dreaming and never in this lifetime! (Sometimes being the solo parent just plain sucks. And this was one of those moments.)  I did the best I knew how given the circumstances - I prayed for him, forced him to put his shoes back on, delivered him to the appropriate line-up of 2nd grade kids, said goodbye and walked away. And then I cried. Big fat tears. Tears of sadness and anxiety for my boy. Tears I knew he wanted to cry but never would. Already at seven he is to cool to cry (especially in front of peers). All day I was sad and nervous and thinking about him. Wondering how he was doing. 

I could hardly wait to see him get off his bus that afternoon. But WAIT I did! The school didn't give us a drop off time. And never would I have guessed it to be a little over an hour AFTER the school day ended. (The school is only a mile away!) Hopefully this isn't the norm. 
I wish I could report that Isaiah loved school and has already made new friends. But that would be a lie...

He is tolerating it at this point. And quite frankly so am I. 

Before this becomes too much of a downer, I am happy to report that Isaiah's first day of soccer (also on the first day of school) was a HUGE success! Seriously this kid LOVED his first soccer practice and is excited for more. And game day (Saturday) can't come soon enough! 

Charlotte's first day of preschool was today and far less dramatic. However her "first day" was just an orientation day so I stayed with her the entire time:) 

Friday when she returns for her real first day (by herself!) very may well be drama filled! This girl has been VERY attached to me since we left Michigan. A little too attached (in my opinion). If I am ever out of her sight she desperately calls for me as though she is abandoned. The other day at the gas station she wanted to come out of the van to be with me while I pumped the gas. (Her seat is closest to the gas tank). I denied her request. And she panicked until I agreed to leave a door open for easy communication during this "separation". So yeah, her first day might be very interesting!

Tears will likely be shed by both of us. 

On a lighter note, I was quite perplexed over what I should pack in her backpack. I mean she is only there a couple hours three afternoons a week. What could she really need (besides a spare set of clothes...just in case of an accident:)?!? Charlotte was not so perplexed. She had no problem filling it up. She packed her jar of pennies, Chapstick, one pencil, extra socks, a magazine, and a foam visor. She was ready to conquer preschool with all her stuff!

And now I really must stop babbling and get to work. What work?! Oh just the stack of papers half an inch thick that I have received from the kids' school with all the pertinent information and forms to be filled out. It's craziness I tell you! 

P.S. Hannah is in the first day of school picture line-up because Grandma has her convinced she is going to "undie school".  I am not so convinced. I feel like the big kids and I are just keeping our heads above water these days. Potty training would/will sink me. But if Grandma wants to potty train her...I have no qualms with that! 

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