Sunday, March 30, 2014

Star Performers

I am going with the "better late than never" philosophy today. Bear with me.

A few weeks ago (maybe a month ago?!) our church had another 'Family Fusion' event. It was the annual pizza and talent show night! We attended of course. But what is more shocking is that our two big kids performed in the show. This is shocking for a couple of reasons. First we aren't a very talented family. At least not in the talent show type of talent. But our church is very generous with their definition of "talent" so we qualified to perform. Second, Isaiah has never been one to like to get up in front of big crowds and perform, so we (wrongly) assumed Charlotte would feel the same way. We thought it would be painful to get them to participate. WRONG! Both kids loved being star performers.

Given the right subject Isaiah is more than willing to go on stage and be the center of attention...

His subject/talent was building Hero Factory guys. His own creations of course. The one he was showing on stage could transform from guy to spider to plane. And Isaiah took his sweet time showing it off...maybe too much time:) But our pastor was too kind and did NOT cut him off. On the screen (pictured above) was the video Joe created of Isaiah creating his guy. It turned out great and allowed Isaiah to truly demonstrate his talent. A sped up version of his talent that is.
During the intermission the kids had a great time singing and dancing to the live music.

And then it was Charlotte's turn to perform! This girl was EXCITED!!! She had practiced all week (with daddy). But the night of the performance she informed us that she would be going on the stage by herself. And she did. They called her name and the girl ran onto stage.


And then all by herself (without any music) she sang the cutest preschool version of "Jesus Loves the Children" I have ever heard in my entire life. The crowd loved her. But what's not to love? A three year old dressed head to toe in pink belting out "...all the little children of the world. Red, black and white. They are precious in His sight...". Yep. Cutest star performer of the night (in my non-humble, completely biased opinion).  Afterwards Charlotte was reliving the entire experience by describing the evening to me. She informed me that when it was finally her turn she "was soooo excitement!" And again I didn't correct her verbage, because three year old speak is too cute just the way it is.

Little sister tried to steal the show during the closing ceremony by going up on stage, but daddy kept her in line.

A few nights ago the kids decided to give Joe and I an exclusive (and very unique!) super hero show at home....

HYSTERICAL! I am not sure which show I enjoyed more. Both were good (cheap) entertainment. They are all star performers in my book.

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