Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY Camera Bag [in 10 easy steps]

Step 1. Buy half a yard of 1/4" foam from the fabric store using a 50% off coupon. This activity is best done with at least two small children in tow DURING nap time. This will ensure your camera bag is made with tears and sweat. Both of which will be shed at the checkout counter as every eye is on you and your misbehaving brood. (The blood shed will come later.) So far the only cost should be about $2.50 for the foam and a small portion of your ever diminishing sanity. 

Step 2. Gather together a modge podge of fabric scraps, batting and thread. 

Step 3. Head on over to your nearest amazingly talented sew-er/bag making friend's house and set up shop in her sewing area. All the materials from Step 2 should be brought with and spread out for friend to see. Also remember to bring your camera. Sewing machine and plan completely optional. (I left mine at home.) 

Step 4. Trace camera and take measurements. Scribble random dimensions on paper. Cut foam sections based on these haphazard plans. 

Step 5. Wait for your friend to offer free reign of her fabulous fabric stash (because you obviously came under prepared!).  Reluctantly and slowly accept her generous offer while inwardly doing a happy dance knowing your bag now has a chance of looking cool & fun instead of pathetic!

Step 6. Pretend to choose fabrics for your camera bag. But choose slowly knowing eventually your friend will suggest the best fabric combinations. Then and only then cut out fabric...slightly larger than foam pieces that were created in Step 4. 

Step 7. Take over friends sewing machine  and begin sewing fabric together. Essentially sleeves are created and stuffed with foam and then sewn together to create the bag. It is best to pin the pieces together prior to sewing but not too many pins! Excessive pinning can be dangerous and result in blood shed! Apologize to friend for using so much of her cool fabric AND preventing her from getting any of her sewing done:)

(Three week intermission here. Completely optional. However it makes the completed project that much more exciting!) 

Step 8. Return to friend's house with the almost completed bag and allow her to put the finishing touches on it. Which include top stitching on the front flap and a button hole. Bringing a button along would be a good idea but not required. The alternative is having friend make a hole and finding a button later - that works too!

Step 9. Find a random assortment of buttons in the correct-ish size for the hole. Make photo collage of the top contenders to help make the final button decision...

At this point as it is likely past midnight, it is best to NOT text your friend the collage asking for advice in making the final button selection...especially if it is day light saving weekend AND your friend is pregnant with two sweet babies and needs all the rest she can get! Put on your big girl (pajama) pants and sew the best button in place. You can do it!

Step 10. Place camera in your completed bag and admire all your handiwork...ahem...your friend's amazing generosity and sewing talent! Pictures of the finished product are optional but strongly suggested. 

Lastly, since you will still have a lot of foam left as well as all your original fabric you should probably consider making this super easy and cute camera bag too! Or you can skip Steps 2-10 above and just make the other bag...since it has actual directions and easy to follow pictures:) That sounds like a reasonable plan. For now I am going to enjoy my bag and consider making the other one someday (once I find just the right bag to use)! 


  1. Almost didn't read this because tutorials usually make me feel dumb, but I'm so glad I did. This was the funniest and most fun tutorial I've ever read. :) cute bag too!

    1. Glad I didn't make you feel dumb! And thank you. I am pretty obsessed with it at the moment...mostly because I can't believe I actually made it!

  2. This is so cool! My daughter is saving her money to purchase a really nice and professional camera. I will have to keep this in mind! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! But I hope you follow Ashley's tutorial instead of mine:)