Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One year in the books.

Today marks my one year blogging anniversary right here at {The Long Days Archives}. Not sure why, but I felt it was worthy of commemorating.  So what has happened in a year?

For starters, 239 posts! Holy smokes...that's a lot of writing and rambling. Mostly a whole lot of oversharing and picture taking. There have also been 22,083 pageviews. Thank you friends (and strangers) for stopping by and "keeping me company" here on the big ole internet!

We are all a year older (and hopefully a bit wiser). But really it feels like much has stayed the same. Joe and Isaiah are both still in school. The girls and I are at home. Life just keeps on happening. And so I keep on writing about it.

I got a new camera. My pictures are better. So that happened I guess:)

While a whole lot of nothing has been written and shared on the blog, there are a few posts that I am particularly proud of. My favorites. They can be found HERE, HERE,  and HERE.

And for those that enjoy history, HERE is my first ever post. But don't get too click happy, its very boring. (Yes, there are earlier posts on the blog. Those posts are from my old blog. I transferred them over here for prosperity's sake!)

It has been quite the year. Filled with ups and downs. Most of those I shared on the blog. And I am glad I did. I really like having this space to look back. To see how far we have come...or more accurately how little we have advanced!

Ok. I guess it isn't technically "one year in the books" there is no book...yet! I am thinking about printing the blog for a family keepsake. Although maybe I shouldn't print this blog in book format. Maybe this isn't the type of stuff we want to look back on?!? Who knows...not I!

What I do know is that I like blogging. I like capturing the everyday moments. The good, the bad, sometimes the ugly and most definitely the funny!

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