Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Clean floors & CME...etcetera

Now that I have all this new found *free* time one would think I am finally keeping up with my housework. I even would think that. Unfortunately that is NOT the case. Much to my dismay we continue to live in a constant state of filth and wreckage. (I blame it on my daily afternoon naps with Charlotte...every day my intention is to only stay until she has fallen asleep...and then every day I fall asleep first! Ha. Best laid plans.) Yesterday I decided that three weeks was the expiration date for dirty/unwashed kitchen & dining room floors in this house!

These were my nap time dates.

Audio Digest and Mop & Glo. I am sure Charlotte missed me...I know I missed her! BUT our floors look amazing. AND more importantly I finally started my CME (continuing medical education) for the 2012-2014 cycle. Yep. My first two hours are on the books! Ninety-eight more to go...nothing like procrastinating* and then procrastinating some more. I kept putting it off because I thought the lectures were going to be boring and dreadful but I was pleasantly surprised. Dementia & statins. I was captivated! Never did I think I would be so enthralled by the pathophysiolgy of cardiovascular disease. It seems I still enjoy medical education and practice. I definitely miss stimulating my brain on a daily basis (beyond the challenge of figuring out what to feed these kids yet again).

And just so all my new found education doesn't go to waste, here is my medical tip of the day. WOMEN go to school, exercise and keep your brain active. It will help prevent dementia:) I have one of the three covered. Hhhhmmm, I should work on the others. 
Next, take a look at these adorable piggies...


One picture would have sufficed you say? Never. Not when I took 52:) Pictures were compliments of us finally making it back to CBS (Bible study). No good excuse for missing the entire last month. Just lazy. Oops. It was good to be back! 

Speaking of 52 pictures, I ordered some pictures for Hannah's baby book. (Better late than never.) As I was going through the hundreds of pictures from her first days, I had it narrowed down to 50 pictures FROM THE HOSPITAL. Even I thought that seemed a tad excessive. So I quickly opened up Isaiah and Charlotte's baby books to see how many hospital pictures I had actually included...Isaiah 52....Charlotte 2. Oops. Poor middle child.  I should probably remedy that discrepancy! (I ordered all 50 for Hannah.) 

NEXT. Since becoming a mom I have very much disliked when parents make excuses for their children's bad behavior. "Oh he missed his nap. He's just really tired. He doesn't usually act this way." "She's hungry and crabby." And my all time (least) favorite..."He is teething." I get it! As a parent it is embarrassing when our children are misbehaving (especially in public). But the excuses drive me bonkers! Just own up to it. It happens. Kids misbehave because they are KIDS. No excuse necessary. I like to believe I do a good job of NOT making excuses for my children's behavior. (My friends and family may say otherwise...) So imagine my internal turmoil now that Hannah is a screamer and a non-talker and we are out in public and getting looks...I find myself wanting to explain her speech delay...and even worse is sometimes I find myself excusing her behavior to people! Aack! I have become my own pet peeve. I told Joe my dilemma (he too dislikes the excuses) and he agrees that it is completely unnecessary for me to explain her behavior/speech delay. So I am going to try to stop. Instead I will just allow Hannah to stare down (or scream at!) all the nice people that attempt a conversation with her. That is kind of normal toddler behavior anyways, right?!

Tonight the kids went to bed late...9 pm! Isaiah thought this was great. He told me that some of his classmates have a 9 o'clock bedtime...an hour later than his bedtime! He was a bit jealous. Why? "Because they get to stay up and see what their parents do after bedtime. Lucky!" Ha! That made me laugh. I can totally remember being the kid and wondering what my parents were doing and jealous that they were still up at night!! Of course I had to ask Isaiah what he thought we did after he went to bed. His (mostly accurate) response, "TALK. TALK. TALK. Snuggle on the couch. Watch movies. Play on your computer. Play on your phone." He forgot the best one...eating ice cream while doing all of those things!

*When I logged onto the website to record my CME I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my 100 hours are due in December NOT June (like last cycle). I just got an extra six months! Wahoo! This can hardly be considered procrastinating now, right?! Regardless I am going to keep on trucking despite having "extra" time. I am sure the girls are going to love listening to "Inflammatory Arthritis/Gout" tomorrow:)


  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's nice to "meet" you:) Your kids are really cute! How old are they? I do love pig-tails and it's a fun day when their hair is long enough!


    1. Thank you...nice to meet you too:) My kids are 6, 3, and 1. The hair was painfully slow to grow...I think baby sister's hair might outgrow big sisters someday!