Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Not much happening around here. I have spent much of the last 3 days parked on my sofa trying really hard to convince myself that I need to A) get up and B) get dressed. Since I am not a very persuasive person I will probably spend much of today the same way. These new sweatpants of mine are just too comfy and warm and I did not sleep enough at quilt retreat. Isaiah did enjoy the fact that I wore my pajamas ALL DAY on his school's pajama day. I am just that cool! Clearly, reintegration to life as a mom is going swimmingly. I best never leave for an entire week or I risk becoming completely incompetent!

Princesses and heroes continue to battle in our home. As do their masters.  

And this girl continues to ask for "Dada?" at least every 5 minutes from the moment she wakes in the morning until the moment he returns in the evening - which of course is her favorite moment of the day. (Mine too!) 

As the always-present-but-not-favored parent her seemingly endless requests for her favorite parent get a bit redundant and tiresome. How many times a day can I say "Dada is at the hospital"? Oh. About a bajillion! And she seems genuinely surprised by my answer every single time. 

But not to be outdone in the hurting mommy's feelings department, Charlotte informed me yesterday that I am "almost a grandma!" She thought this was good news. I disagreed. Strongly

Speech has also been happening. And sowly but surely we are seeing progress. Hannah has added two words to her limited vocabulary: dirty (in reference to the state of my van floor!) and eat (used when she wants to eat. Obviously.)

Charlotte has taken the role of apprentice speech therapist very seriously. At night after we tuck the girls into bed, we can hear Charlotte saying "Hannah say ____" and Hannah attempting to repeat after her big sister. It's sweet. And helping the speech situation (hopefully). Charlotte recently informed me that when she grows up she wants to be "a speech". I assume she means speech therapist, which I think is a great idea. 

Anything else? Oh yeah, the man of the house has started a new rotation...

Bahahaha! Should be interesting. Poor guy is not looking forward to the next six weeks at all! I on the other hand can't wait for the fun dinner conversations we will be having. (Yes our poor children already hear way too much medical stuff.)  But some of the stories might have to be saved for after all the little ears are tucked in bed.

And just for kicks. One last picture. Last week before heading out of town I took Isaiah on my last minute errands. As we were walking up to Target Isaiah informed me that "sometimes I just want to hug that ball". 

Me too Isaiah. Me too. But I wouldn't look nearly as cute as you doing it:)


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    1. I am glad you enjoyed it because I felt like I had nothing to write...hence the lack of a title!

    2. I didn't even notice there wasn't a title.

  2. lol mine ALWAYS have to jump up on the ball when we go to Target. At least your boy is more loving lol! Oh and I found you via #UBP14! have fun partying!