Sunday, December 4, 2016

Deck the Halls 2016 Version

Four Christmases ago we started taking pictures of our Christmas tree decorating process. These (hundreds) of pictures then magically become a video. A very cute video in my biased opinion. Oh and it isn't really magic. Joe uses a program on his computer to turn the pictures into a video but it is WAY above my skill set so it seems magical to me:) While it is somewhat of a pain to set up the camera, continually walk over to the camera to push the trigger (its on a timer to take a series of 10 pictures) and keep the children from bumping/moving/touching the camera...its totally worth it! I love each and every video we have created. They contain so many wonderful memories. And this year is no different.  I LOVE IT!! And as a bonus it didn't feel that stressful to be setting up the tree AND taking pictures. We are finally getting the hang of it, I think. Maybe next year I will even get the top of the tree in the video...maybe. No guarantees!

Just for fun here are the previous years videos:

2013 (This was our last Christmas in our med school house in Illinois. It was such a good little house. And oh my goodness Hannah was SO LITTLE!)

2014 (This was in Minnesota at my parents' house while we lived with them for Joe's last year of med school. All I can see when I watch this video is my BELLY.)

2015  (Sorry no video to share. The pictures were taken, but the video was never created. What can I say? Intern year. It was terrible. A lot of things didn't happen last year. We were just surviving a year ago.)

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