Thursday, December 15, 2016

Seven (not so) Quick Takes. Round 2

1. After we got our tree decorated I was feeling all Christmas-y and decided to host a spur of the moment Christmas themed play date with my residency people. All I did was invite people over, find a few activities to do with the kids (with supplies I already owned) and open my doors and the moms and kids showed up. One mom brought sugar cookies to decorate. Another brought supplies to make Grinch kabobs. And yet others brought snacks to share. It was messy and loud and slightly chaotic. 

And we all had a great time! What I love most is that residency people are so easy to please. We just like spending time together...letting our kids play...chatting. We don't need anything fancy. No Pinterest perfect party needed to have a good time here:) We just make do. 

2. Like I said it was a spur of the moment idea to host this play date. And while I loved having the play date I wish I had looked at my calendar first because I scheduled it for the same day I was doing a craft fair with a friend. For weeks I've been busy sewing bibs and bow ties. Oh and tutus. Sewing like a mad woman all leading up to the craft fair. And then I almost forgot about it. Oops! 

I only sold four bibs. Womp. Womp. Womp. I guess I should have focused more on my CME and less on sewing. Because of course now it's the end of the year and I'm cramming to get all the hours in I need to stay certified. Why? Why do I procrastinate so much?!?!

3. Charlotte is becoming quite the little writer. She writes herself lists of things to do. It'd be terrible if she skipped a step in the room cleaning process:) Best to have a check list! She also likes to write notes. For herself and other people. I love finding her writings all over the house these days.  Here are just few examples of ones she has left for me recently...

I promise they aren't all mad notes! Some are quite loving. I just can't find any of those at the moment. 

4. Last week I cleaned out the van. The carseats were already uninstalled (in order to return a grill to friends) so it seemed like as good as a time as any to get it done! Two days AFTER I had vacuumed it Charlotte exclaimed "MOM! The floor. It's actually clean. You can see the floor!" It made me laugh. And yes my van floor is usually atrocious. But the best part was Isaiah saying to Charlotte "That's a compliment AND an insult Char Char."  He's not usually the most attuned to other's feelings so I was touched that he realized that. Though I wasn't actually insulted. 

5. Immediately after cleaning out the van Joe and I dropped the kids off at our church - where the 8th graders were babysitting for the evening as a fundraiser - and we went to his residency Christmas party. 

Kid-less and fancy free! It happens so rarely that it feels downright divine...until your husband chooses to sit at a table right next to an entire group of small loud children!!! I was less than pleased. (Don't get me wrong I love the children...just not so much on my date night.) 

6. Last night the children from our church walked to an assisted living facility to sing Christmas carols to the residents. On the drive to church I was explaining to my kids that I wanted them to wear their jackets for the walk but once we arrived to the assisted living they could give them to me. (Seems self explanatory, right?) Mostly I wanted the girls to take off their jackets because I didn't want their pretty dresses covered up. But when they asked why I told them it's because assisted living facilities and nursing homes are usually quite warm for the elderly people who tend to get cold easily. (Because if I had told Hannah my real reason she would have refused.). Isaiah then jumped into the conversation and informed his sisters that "nursing homes always smell really good too!!"  He was dead serious. I just about died! I wonder if he likes the smell of hospitals too?!?

7. Levi has learned to say his name. And it's ridiculously cute! I love hearing it so much that I find as many questions as possible to ask him in which he has to answer with his name "Lee-by". He's also started putting two words together in sentences...more like commands. Tonight he found my fedora. He handed it to me and told me that I "need it". How could I refuse? I wore the hat to book club tonight. 

Sad Lee-by. His mean mommy wouldn't let him play with the sewing machine. How rude!

Bonus #8. After living here for a year and a half I should be used this by now but I'm not...

Joe was mowing the lawn in shorts and a tshirt mid-December! Meanwhile all our family and friends in Minnesota are shoveling snow and talking about the below zero temperatures. And here we are going to parks to play and doing school outside. In December!! I'm not sure I'll ever get used to this. 

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