Saturday, December 3, 2016

Seven Quick Takes

1. We went to see Santa. Actually we went to a (free!) Christmas festival. Santa was there. And despite the fact that none of my kids believe in Santa they ALL wanted to go see him. 

It warmed my heart. And made me wish I had made Isaiah change into a less doofy looking outfit. 

2. Isaiah had his school performance last week. Joe was working. So I took the kids by myself. Again. For the fifth year in a row. Which isn't that terrible. I just get tired of being the solo parent at times. It makes me sad that Joe misses so much of his family while helping other people's families. 

But I really can't complain. I'm grateful that I get to see all the performances. Because oh my goodness there is something so cute about seeing your kid up on stage singing!!

3. The performance got me thinking. When Joe started medical school Isaiah was starting preschool. When Joe finishes residency Isaiah will be starting middle school. How is that even possible?!?

4. Since I'm on an Isaiah kick I'll add this picture here:

Isaiah wrote this on my bathroom mirror last week. And I like it so much I can't erase it. I just keep cleaning around it. 

5. Hannah has started making "announcements". Basically anytime she wants to be heard over the chaos that is our house she makes an announcement. And her favorite words to include are gorgeous and gisgusting (disgusting). She finds a million ways to use those words each day. And it's adorable. 

6. Speaking of announcements, Charlotte informed me (in a very shocked tone) that some people live in the same house for FIVE YEARS! I think I knocked the socks right off her when I told her some people live in the same house for fifty years. Figuratively speaking of course because it is still too warm for socks here. 

7. I went to a ladies Christmas tea this morning at church. Don't I sound so old and grown up?! Really I just ate cookies and drank water and held a newborn. It was lovely. And then I came home to this sight....

It's Christmas decorating time!!!! Oh and apparently it must be time for socks. Joe informed me the kids were complaining of being too cold while getting the tree this morning. It was a frigid 68 degrees out. We are turning into a bunch of wimps. 

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