Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Scones: an update.

Four years ago I decided I needed to start a Christmas tradition for our family. Given our somewhat transient lifestyle (in the last four years we've lived in three different houses in three different states!) I knew it needed to be simple and travel-able. Ok that's not really a word. What I mean is that I needed to be able to take this tradition with us no matter where we are on Christmas day. Our life just does not allow us to go to/be at the same place year after year. So I needed something I could take with us. Because ultimately I wanted my children to have a tradition that they someday could look back upon fondly. To be able to say "this is what my family did for Christmas". So what is this tradition I started? SCONES. Cinnamon chip scones. The scones are simple and delicious. They were four years ago and they still are today. They need no update.

This is more of an update on the tradition itself.

Earlier this week Isaiah was working on his schoolwork at the table while I was making dinner (which is pretty much how every week night evening goes around here) when he asked me to proof read his writing. I started reading the work looking for any grammatical errors when I had to stop because I had tears in my eyes....

ITS WORKING! We have a tradition. A tradition my child recognizes and enjoys!!!!! And someday he's going to want to come "home" as an adult for Christmas morning scones. I just know it.

And it looks like we may have accidentally started a new tradition this year. 

Sleeping under the Christmas tree! It started the night we set up the tree. Just for fun. But then it was so simple (and magical) that we've continued every night since. The kids make a little bed near the tree. Joe or I read them a Christmas-y story. And then we sit by the fire until they fall asleep (and longer). 

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