Friday, December 30, 2016

Seven Quick Takes, round 3.

Linking up once again!

1. Now that I am finally finally finally done with my required CME for the 2014-2016 cycle I can resume regular life stuff like blogging and laundry and feeding my children balanced meals. I no longer have to listen to lectures all day every day! My kids loved hearing all the updates on HIV, 

Hidradenitis suppurativa, COPD, and childhood immunizations while playing monopoly. I'm sure of it;)

Why I wait until the December 31st deadline is staring me in the face to do my CME I don't know?!? Next time I'm doing better. Maybe:) I might just have a New Years resolution for 2017. 

2. I will write more about Christmas with my brother's family and add more pictures shortly. Patience. But first this little Christmas story...

3. A few days before Christmas a resident sent me a snap on Snapchat asking "How are my kitties?" with a cute cat filter. I looked at the snap (i.e. a picture of her with a cat face) and then carried on cooking a meal to feed a small army. Totally disregarding it. It was the next day while scrolling through Facebook I saw a completely unrelated picture of someone feeding their cats and I remembered...

4. I was supposed to be "cat sitting" for the resident. When she asked about her kitties she meant her actual cats that I was supposed to be feeding!!! Oops. I'm too embarrassed to admit to how many days I neglected those cats. But alls well that ends well, right? The cats were fed and watered and liter changed. They survived. And I will NEVER volunteer for that task again. Because clearly I'm an unfit cat sitter. 

5. Yesterday we invited (child-less) friends over for a late dinner and a fire - to relax and chat once the kids were in bed. The kids on the other hand had completely different plans....

I swear we didn't mean to bait and switch our friends but we totally did! All those new Christmas nerf guns were just waiting for their first battle! FYI - the adults totally won. 

6. My Christmas gifts all had a very distinct theme this year...exercise clothes, a yoga mat and a pull up bar. And I've actually already used and enjoyed them all! Clearly I'm a new person. Never before have I exercised for fun. But since trying baby-wearing Zumba and joining a Mommy & Me group I'm hooked! 

(The kids after Mommy & Me class this morning. No pictures of sweaty ole' me thank you very much). 

7. The other day in between changing diapers, washing dishes, and doing CME I took a small break to make my debut as a shirt model...
For my friend's etsy shop. In exchange for taking the pictures I got the monogrammed shirt for free! Seemed like a sweet deal to me:) Hannah later informed me that I should have changed my shirt because it was longer than my shorties. Clearly she has no eye for fashion! Either that or I have no right being a model. It's likely the latter. 

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