Monday, March 16, 2015

the BEST text!

I was in the Walmart check out this morning with a crying baby and two donut crumb covered girls when I received the news. It was a text from Joe and it simply said:

Matched! Now stop worrying. 

It immediately brought tears to my eyes. Big fat tears of JOY and relief. 

He matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe how amazing it feels to know that my husband's dreams are coming true!!! He will be an emergency medicine physician!!!! All of his hard work has paid off. And I couldn't be prouder. 

And in just a few days we will know WHERE these dreams will come true. Where he will train to be an emergency doctor. Honestly though I don't care so much about the where. I am just so happy and ridiculously proud of my husband!!! 


  1. So very happy for your entire family! Such huge blessings for such huge sacrifices! Hope all of you can rest easier!

    1. Thank you! I am feeling so much better this week. I can finally relax. I mean I knew I was tense last week...but I can't believe how good I feel now. Like a weight was lifted off!