Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Texts of our Lives

Get it? It's a little play off of "The Days of our Lives". Because these days (i.e. Joe in Illinois. Me in Minnesota.) our main form of communication is via text messaging. With a little bit of FaceTime mixed in for funsies. And by "fun" I definitely mean Joe listening to complete chaos while each child takes a turn holding "daddy" (i.e. my phone). I am pretty sure he spends more time looking at the ceiling and floor than actually interacting with our children. Fun, right?  But I digress. 

The text messages. They pretty much tell the story of our life right now as I tend to be quite prolific with my messaging. Probably excessive really. Sometimes they are desperate (irrational) pleas to "come home!"  Other times it's simply asking for advice from my co-parent. Like should I allow Isaiah to go to school with face paint on or not?!? (I scrubbed it off at the last minute.) Other times it's updates on our mundane life. Many times these texts are brimming with frustration as I solo parent. "Hannah had another potty accident!!" But I do try to include the cute and funny things that happen as well. It can't all be doom and gloom all the time. 

Well that one was doom and gloom in the moment. Later I saw the humor in the situation. Much later. 

And another...

This one is just plain cute...

This is (unfortunately) a very common scenario these days. The girls LOVE using Levi's stuff for their babies...

Scares me almost every time. Even when I am holding Levi!

And this last one was a text conversation. But since Joe is opposed to putting up his picture on the blog (without his prior authorization) I will recreate without the picture...

Me: Hannah wants to see you. 
Joe: {sent us a lovely picture of himself...a "selfie"...walking into the hospital...all dressed up fancy shmancy with his white coat and stethoscope}

[ I showed Hannah the picture. ]

Hannah: Oh! He doctor now?

Not quite baby girl! But soon. Very soon. Like 86 days soon! However Joe doesn't actually want to attend his graduation. So there's that. I get it. It will be a big hassle and expense to transport our entire family back to Chicago for what will likely be a very long and boring ceremony. BUT it's kind of a big deal. One I feel deserves to be commemorated (regardless of the hassle)! Plus I want closure on this whole four year roller coaster of an experience. I want finality. I want to be present at the moment my husband is declared a doctor. Because dang-nabbit we have worked hard to get here (especially him!). And if we don't go I am afraid it won't feel official. Like it didn't happen. It's like the "if a tree falls in a forest but no one is there to hear it, did it actually make a sound?" dilemna. If a medical student graduates but isn't at the ceremony is he really a doctor?! 

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