Thursday, March 19, 2015

a single envelope

Levi and I are currently sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to Chicago. To join Joe for MATCH DAY. I am excited and nervous. Mostly excited. Excited to spend the weekend with my husband. Excited for the break one child will be. And of course excited to find out where will be moving! Where we will be living for the next three years. 

Nervous for the same reason. Tomorrow at 11am (ie noon eastern time) we will open an envelope to find out where we are moving. It's such a weird system. Joe has already signed a contract with a hospital commiting himself to work there as a resident. He signed the contract when he submitted his rank list. And yet we don't know where. At least not yet. Tomorrow we will know. 

To be perfectly honest I am not all that nervous about the location. Sure a move 20 miles across town would be A LOT easier than a move 2,000 miles across the country! But the location is actually a moot point. Because I know regardless of where we end up we will "bloom where planted". Because "home is where the heart is" and all that clich├ęd truth. I know these to be true from experience. In nearly 12 years of marriage we have moved 10 times. And every time we find our home. Because when we are together we are home. 

I don't actually know how I will react tomorrow when we open the envelope. Will I cry? Will I laugh? Maybe both?! Will the location fill me with joy and anticipation or dread? I don't know. But I do know I am ready. Or at least as ready as I'll ever be! 

And so is my flight companion!

Here we come Match 2015!!!

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  1. Back in the day when Anthony matched, they got the email that they matched and then log into a system to find out where. I will never EVER forget standing there as he opened and discovered he had matched in California and was delighted....while I stood there and cried. He had to do his ranking before we had gotten engaged, so while I am sure he considered me, he ranked the best training spots. We were engaged by match date... Ugh... That was painful. But. I can say this: I am SO grateful we ended up in Cali because he got wonderful training that equipped him to do his job well. God knows what he is doing!!!