Saturday, March 7, 2015

Initiation by fire.

Two weeks ago my parents (and their dog!) left for Montana. They went to my brother's house to help them prepare for baby #6's arrival and they have been there ever since. Then last Sunday Joe left - for Chicago - to complete the last 4 weeks at his school (technically at the hospital near his school). Meaning I have been ON MY OWN for the past six days with all the kids for the first time! To say I was a little nervous at the beginning of the week is a major understatement but (*spoiler alert*) we made it! I lived to tell the tale...

Day 1:
I cried before Joe left. I cried when Joe left. And then I cried just a little more after Joe left.

Then I put on my big girl pants and played with my kids. I also bathed and fed them. And put them all to bed by myself (and felt kinda like super woman accomplishing all of that!). Then as the perfect ending to my day I cleaned half a bathroom (the non shower/tub half). Finally day one gradually became day two as Levi and I partied (aka nursed and rocked) ALL NIGHT LONG. 

Day 2:
Miraculously I woke in time to get Isaiah to school on time WITHOUT yelling at anyone and no speeding. Loading everyone up in the van in the freezing temperatures for the one mile drive was NOT my favorite activity. But I did what had to be done. Then upon my return home I cleaned the shower...with toilet bowl cleaner! (Ha. It was the only cleaning product I could find that contained bleach and I was expecting company. And I assumed my company was not accustomed to the level of filth we live in these days. I wouldn't recommend this cleaning method.) Then I showered. And felt like a million bucks despite my lack of sleep. That feeling lasted...umm...maybe two hours?! I dragged my self and the kids through the rest of our day - which included a second grade concert. Isaiah's moment to shine was brushing the dinosaur teeth on stage.

Day 3: 
Our day started too early. I tried to deny it. But lying (laying?!) in bed with two squirmy children for an hour is NOT restful. I gave in and got up and reminded myself that I had two hours of uninterrupted sleep earlier in the night. Surprisingly we had an excellent (snowy) day filled with (unexpected) visitors. Visitors that brought food! Visitors that shoveled my snow covered driveway. And visitors that ate the food with us. And more importantly filled our evening with fun! I may or not have allowed the children to eat more cookies than dinner;-)

Day 4: 
And those cookies were lost at 2am! (Just to clarify there was throw up everywhere!) Looking on the bright side, Isaiah finally got his much overdue 3 AM! 

Side note: Isaiah sleeps with 14 stuffed animals, 4 pillows, 1 blanket and 1 comforter on a full size bed. Guess how much of that was also covered in vomit?! Pretty much all of it. Oh the laundry! It nearly killed me. 

Thank goodness I pulled together a small village to help me survive the day. Joe's sister watched the kids (including the sicky) while I went to my doctor's appointment in the morning and she dropped Charlotte off at school. And Joe's brother subbed in as the "parent" for Hannah's last parent-tot gymnastics class! 

Day 5: 
We all stayed home to contain the sickness. We made it to the 24 hour mark without anymore vomit. To celebrate I did more laundry, boiled toothbrushes, and bathed my children. Then I showered. I momentarily dozed off in the shower. Upon exiting the bathroom I discovered Hannah had polished off  Isaiah's half eaten breakfast and Gatorade! Erg. So much for not spreading germs.

Instead of folding the mountains of clean laundry I decided to trim Hannah's hair. I trimmed and it looked good. Then I trimmed some more and it didn't look so good! Why I thought this was a good idea?! I don't know! I blame the cold and snow and sleep deprivation. 

Day 6: 
I swear our house had a revolving door which was great for passing the day away as we were ALL home ALL day for the third day in a row (darn "report card marking" day). First there was a food drop off by my mentor mom at MOPS. Then we had a fun and (slightly) chaotic play & lunch date with friends...8 kids ages 7 and under. Next my cousin and her husband stopped by for a few hours of baby snuggles as they passed through town. And last but not least Joe came home!!!!! Followed shortly there after by my dad and his dog...apparently two weeks of waiting for baby was long enough for him.

Day 7:
Consider this the epilogue to my solo week. I slept in!!! I nursed the baby. Then I slept some more. I nursed the baby again. And again I slept. I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed before the clock struck noon. 

Lastly the long neglected laundry was finally folded and put away. 

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