Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello 2015!

Hello 2015. I've been waiting all year to meet you.

Seriously. A year ago when we were ringing in 2014 the first words out of my mouth were "I sure wish it is were 2015 right NOW". Not exactly the best sentiment for starting a brand new year. But those were my honest thoughts. No filter. Just my gut feeling.  Its not like I wanted to completely skip 2014. I just wanted it to be a year that went by quickly. 2015 held so much promise and excitement that I could hardly wait to be there experiencing it all! And now here it is. I still believe it is going to be a good year. Match Day and graduation and the start of residency. Good stuff. The stuff we have been working towards as a family for FOUR YEARS. And now it is all just a few months away. (Oh and lets not forget about the quickly approaching arrival of baby boy!!! That's pretty great too.) Yep 2015 is going to be our year. One for the family record books. I mean my husband will BECOME A DOCTOR this year. That's big stuff. Stuff I can hardly wait to experience and celebrate.

We had planned to end 2014 with our best friends. There was going to be a "Count Down to Noon Party" for the kids and lots of food and card playing for the grown ups (once all the kids were tucked in for the night). Quality time together. It was going to be great. And then Hannah threw up. Thankfully she threw up BEFORE we loaded into the van and drove 3 hours to our friends' house. But it still stunk.  Because with the arrival of vomit our dreams of partying instantly vanished. There was no way we could bring that party favor with us. Instead we spent the day at home. Eating whatever random food we could rummage together. Playing cards. And baby dolls. And rainbow looms. Watching movies. Holding puke buckets. Just hanging out as a family. Which isn't such a terrible way to end a year. Just not the party I had been dreaming of.

Hannah insisted on wearing her party dress all day despite the fact that we were no longer going to a party. So we had the party come to us. Or at least a mini version of a party. First there was dancing. Then there were rootbeer floats (it had been 10 hours since her last episode of vomit). And finally a countdown to the NEW YEAR...or 8pm and bedtime...close enough!

See ya later 2014. You've been pretty good to us. But lets be honest. 2015 is looking pretty fabulous! A new baby and a new career in a new city. That's good stuff. The stuff of dreams coming true. 

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