Tuesday, January 20, 2015

still pregnant

And that^^^ is NOT a complaint because for the last week I have been home with the kids by myself. And if I had gone into labor I don't know what I would have done. Joe was 1,000+ miles away out east for residency interviews (traveling by car). My parents were visiting my siblings in South Dakota and Montana. And my in-laws are in Florida for the winter. So yeah, I am glad this baby boy decided to cooperate and stay put. We had NO back up plan. I felt denial was the best route. Thankfully it worked. And really for 37 and a half weeks pregnant I am feeling pretty good. I can't complain about much of anything.

But the best part of this past week...besides not going into labor...was this...

my best friend and her three kids spent the weekend with us! Initially it was going to be just an overnight visit. But once she got here and saw just how hugely pregnant I am + alone, she decided to extend their visit to THREE nights! The kids and I were thrilled! We didn't really do much. Just hung out. And it was perfect. Well besides children that wanted to get up too early...that wasn't perfect, but tolerable! Oh and the late night post-kids' bedtime milkshakes magically made everything better for us moms! (One of us is pregnant and the other nursing a baby...those calories hardly count, right?!)

Charlotte & Daddy on their date!

And now Joe is finally home. (And mostly done with residency interviews...more on that later.) So that's pretty fabulous. NOW I am ready to have this baby. Any day would be fine by me. Although I am sure that is just wishful thinking. I could be pregnant for another 5 weeks...we shall see!

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