Saturday, January 10, 2015

couches & crazies

My parents recently bought a new-to-them cream colored couch (and matching chair)!  Which meant Joe and my mom spent a couple days painting the family room getting it all ready for the "new" furniture. The result is amazing. It looks so nice and fresh and inviting now! (It had become kind of a cave-like room over the past few years.) It is a very nice change. AND equally exciting...I now know where we are going to take our new family of six pictures once baby boy decides to make his debut! On the cream colored couch! (Because of course that is one of my biggest life dilemnas these days;)
So this morning I made Joe snap a few "practice pictures" of me and the girls on the couch.  Basically I wanted to play with a few settings on my camera. Check out the lighting mid-morning and see how I liked them (once I edited them). This is my version of nesting. Diapers? Wipes? What? I'll get those later. I've got priorities people. And right behind picking the perfect picture location falls choosing coordinating outfits for the family. Which by the way is not so easy when you are now dealing with SIX people and a budget of exactly zero dollars. But I think I found a good long as I fit into my pre-baby sweater in my post-partum state...time will tell!
 (FYI - outfits pictured below are not THE outfits.)

Lest anyone get the impression that all I do these days is lounge on a cream couch, let me set the record straight. Sometimes I make my husband move the couch out of the way so I can line up all my children and make them take a picture with my belly....

Wild and crazy times! It was kind of crazy actually as this picture was taken approximately 60 seconds before Hannah threw up on New Year's Eve. Which also means it is (almost) 2 weeks outdated. But you get the gist of it. The kids are getting bigger and older. And my belly is definitely growing. Don't believe me?  HERE is 30 weeks. And lets just pretend it is only my belly that has grown over the past 4 weeks, mkay? Thanks. Much appreciated. 

I wish the picture taking obsession was the crazy I was referencing in my post title. Because that would mean I am only a little bit crazy. But truth be told I am crazy with a capital C. I am what some people might describe as a "worry wart".  Have been my whole life. And unfortunately pregnancy takes that worry up a notch or two or three. AND each subsequent pregnancy has made me worry more. It's like the more I know and experience just how much I love my kids the more I feel I have to lose with each pregnancy. Does that make any sense?! Basically what I am saying is I have become slightly neurotic. I assume the worst case scenario at every stage of pregnancy. So currently if I haven't felt baby move I assume he has died. And then when I do feel him move, I assume something horrible is going to happen. Like I will get in a car accident and I will have a placental abruption and then he will die. Or if baby & I somehow make it to delivery something terrible will happen then. Like I will die giving birth. See? Completely crazy and unreasonable. Oh and don't even get my started on SIDS. That's my worst nightmare. 

Um. That's all I've got. A nice cream couch. And I am completely crazy. And 36 weeks pregnant...which apparently is making me crazier. 

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