Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some stuff this week

Let me just start out by saying that typing out my neurotic thoughts on the end of pregnancy was apparently very therapeutic. Seriously. I am much more relaxed in regards to the end of this pregnancy this week. No more crazy "this is going to end badly" thoughts haunting me. Instead I am just enjoying feeling baby boy kicking & squirming. Taking in these last days/weeks of pregnancy. I am also enjoying all the extra hugs and snuggles my big kids are doling out these days. The hugs are technically for baby brother, but I'll take what I can get! They aren't always this affectionate. 

Speaking of the big kids, it's been a big week for them. Ok. Not really that big. But fun nonetheless.

This girl started dance again....

Has there ever been a cuter ballerina ever? I think not. And just look at the way she adores her ballet teacher....gah! Too sweet. 

The first week was an "observation" week so parents and siblings were allowed to stay in the room with the dancers. And I am happy to report that we all survived the FIFTY minute dance class without causing too much of a scene. Hannah had no accidents AND by some miracle managed to whisper for the first time in her life! Seriously this girl typically lacks any volume control. Loud (and LOUDER) is all she knows.

I loved being able to snap a few...errr...a gazillion pictures...because OH MY GOODNESS too much cuteness! But the near constant worry that one of us was going to disrupt the class at any moment was nerve wracking. (Yes I realize that isn't even a real reason to stress! My's so hard:) The funny thing is even with all of us sitting quietly minding our own business. One of us looming like a mad man...

We still managed to cause a little bit of a scene by just being there. Because apparently being hugely pregnant with three children in tow will cause heads to turn! And likely those heads will be counting the children and bump...I'm assuming to figure out just how crazy I am. The answer folks? Crazy. And probably a bit foolish too. But I wouldn't change it for anything. I love my crazy life. (See? Less neurotic.)

For what its worth this is what the belly was looking like on dance night (minus the bowl of ice cream...that came along post-kids' bedtime)...

(And when I birth a ginormous baby sometime in the next month I will have only myself and too many bowls of ice cream to blame. And I am okay with that. Because this is it folks. My last guilt free eating and weight gaining time in my life! Soon enough I am going to have to worry about my figure again, but not quite yet.)

Last night this girl started gymnastics!

Ok. Parent-toddler tumbling class.  Same difference. She thought she was BIG stuff. And I might have to agree. Speaking of big stuff...I was the parent portion of that parent-toddler duo and well I am just plain big these days. Probably too big for gymnastics. Talk about making a scene! I am sure I looked RIDICULOUS. (Although maybe less ridiculous than the last time I attempted gymnastics...which was in 7th grade. The best part of my routine back then? I did the splits on the balance beam. Clearly I am a gifted gymnast:) Coincidentally Hannah's "gymnastics" class is held in my old junior high.)

"Look mommy! Like Monkey George on TV!"

Despite how the above collage portrays my little 'nastics girl, she is apparently NOT very adept at hopping and skipping. Two skills that are key to toddler gymnastics, who knew?! I guess we have something to work on.

Did you happen to notice how nicely organized all of Isaiah's rainbow looms were in his case (in the picture above)?! I hope so. Because THAT has seriously been my biggest accomplishment this week. Yes sorting RAINBOW LOOMS is my biggest accomplishment at the moment. And I know I should be embarrassed by this fact, but I am not. It felt so good to finally get them organized. My little loom master is pretty pleased with my work as has allowed him to get to work creating lots of creatures...

penguin & chameleon

dragon, penguin, tiger
mouse & chameleon


  1. Love it! Life is good :). If you really want to make heads turn and spin you should wear a shirt that says, "...and my husband is in medical school." ;)

    1. Oh you made me laugh! That would really get some looks!! Apparently my days of blending in are over:)

  2. I cannot believe how grown up your babies are. Beautiful kids, bear!

    1. Gah! That's because they are growing up too fast! Thank you.