Wednesday, January 7, 2015


So I guess these are a thing nowadays. A vacation for moms & dads-to-be. One last getaway before baby arrives! I like the concept of a couples only getaway. But the name?! Come on. It's cheesy. And it seems like a misnomer. Because if it's a BABYmoon shouldn't it happen after the baby arrives?! Like how a honeymoon comes after the wedding...but then again why is a honeymoon a HONEYmoon?! I mean there isn't any honey involved. Or did I miss something?!

I digress. 

My point is this. For the past two and a half days Joe and I have been out of town WITHOUT children (except the in utero one...he's here of course:). And I have been doing a lot of this....

And eating. And sleeping. And HGTV watching. And...nothing. I have done a whole lot of nothing for two days while Joe has been shadowing in yet another ER and interviewing for yet another residency. And it has been glorious! So I am declaring this our pseudo-babymoon.  Even if the weather has been less than ideal...

I couldn't care less. Because this is my vacation. And the hotel is cozy and warm. And NO ONE needs anything from me. And I have NO SCHEDULE. It's wonderful. Oh and Joe painted my toenails. Which (in my world) is a prerequisite for going into labor! Can't have a baby with ugly toes. That would just be embarrassing:) 

Baby blue for my baby boy. Yep I'm cheesy like that. (Although it reminds me of Elsa from I think my girls are going to need their nails painted when we get home.) Of course none of this would have been possible without my parents willingness to watch our kids - THANKS MOM & DAD! You're the best! My kids are lucky to have you as grandparents. 

This little getaway has me looking forward to my next "vacation" know the one in which I will give birth to a small human being (or not so small as the case may be) and then get to stay in a hospital for a few days just me & that brand new person! I'm not kidding. Once the whole messy, painful labor & delivery part is done, it's like a vacation! Three hot meals a day delivered right to my bed. No one to take care of except myself and baby - with a nurse to help! No schedule. It's actually really nice. I like those first couple of post-partum days....which might just indicate how very low my vacation standards are these days! Lower than low. 

PS - Sorry for all the feet pictures. I guess I was just really excited about my pedicure:) At least my feet aren't swollen beyond could be much worse!

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