Friday, October 3, 2014

this week

We had a lovely, peaceful morning at home. We ate cereal and shared a smoothie. My dad walked Isaiah to the bus stop. The girls colored and played. I folded laundry and sorted all the junk from my van. We had lunch. It was all very uneventful. Just the way I like my mornings to go.

Someone found my phone & practiced the fine art of selfies:)

Then as we were finishing lunch, I grabbed my phone and opened up a form that needed to be filled out and was time sensitive. As in it needed to be done ASAP! It was at that exact moment that one of my children filled my free hand with shredded/chewed egg and grapes. And my other child announced to me that there was "POOPY ON THE FLOOR!"  All I could think was "how did they know I needed two minutes to accomplish a task?!" Kids have a sixth sense about these things. At least my kids do. They can and WILL thwart all of my efforts to be a productive human being (on the rare occasion I attempt being productive). It's Murphy's Law of Parenting. (I swear it's a real thing.)

The poop I quickly discovered (while still filling out the form) was rolling down the two year old's pant leg. Her big sister quickly grabbed some wipes and tried to "help" clean up the growing wasn't successful:( I did manage to toss the food AND complete my form (in a timely manner). But THE MESS, oh the mess, I was left to deal with was catastrophic! The floors and potty chair and several toys needed to be wiped down and sanitized. The two year old required a head to toe scrubbing in the bath! And I needed a nap. All because I took two minutes to fill out one form online. 

^That was earlier this week! Thank goodness everyday hasn't been quite that messy. Today I spent my morning sewing. For our baby boy! As my friend said...I am nesting. Nesting 20 weeks early that is. Oh well! I have energy (and a husband at home!) NOW so I am taking full advantage. This morning I created one large cotton-gauze swaddling blanket. And one more will be finished soon. The tutorial can be found HERE. I skipped the binding and just hemmed mine for a simple and crisp took. I like it. I think. I mean I haven't used it on an actual baby yet;) That will be the real test. 

Oh and my second project for baby boy came about because I stumbled upon THIS TUTORIAL during my search for the blanket tutorial. And how could I resist making an adorable pseudo-cardigan for my baby?! Well I couldn't. So I made one...

And I love it! The elbow patches were my addition to the cardigan and I am mighty pleased with my creation. I think I might use it for baby boy's Easter outfit this spring. (Yes, I realize it isn't even Halloween yet! But it's SO CUTE it deserves to be used for a special occasion! Now I just need to make a bow tie to match his sisters' dresses and we are all set....). 

I overheard a gem of a conversation between these two the other day...

Charlotte: Aren't you glad we are best buddies!
Charlotte: We always have each other to play with. And we like the same things. 
Charlotte: You are my best buddy. Am I your best buddy?

(Charlotte wandered off, clearly perplexed by the lack of response/agreement from Hannah.)

I can't say I blame Hannah for not agreeing. In fact I am shocked she didn't argue with her sister! I mean I would want to be best buddies with someone that constantly bosses me around, takes all my favorite things and occasionally hits me. 

Continuing right along with my stream of conscience-esque sharing...many a friend and family member has asked about Isaiah's adjustment to a new school. And I am happy to report it is going well. He likes his new school. He likes his teacher. And he loves the hot lunches! (He misses art class though). Socially and emotionally he has adjusted well. He is making friends. In fact one new friend might just be a little too interested in Isaiah...

These notes appear in his backpack a few times each week! Thankfully Isaiah is oblivious to her advances and thinks she is nice new friend:) His academic adjustment to second grade has been a different story. Isaiah has decided he will choose which work he will complete and which work he will not complete, despite his teacher explaining that work time is NOT optional. And the perplexing part is that none of the work is too hard or challenging for him. He could have it done within a matter of minutes...if he tried! Could be an interesting school year to say the least. 

Speaking of interesting school year...remember how Joe recently submitted his residency applications?! All 50 of them. Well he is starting to get invitations for interviews!!! Yay. Yay. Yay! However we are quickly learning that scheduling them all is tricky! One would think that because interview season lasts 3 months (November - January) it would be easy to fit in 15 (or so) interviews. But one would be wrong! These interviews are all over the USA. From Texas to Pennsylvania to Nebraska and (thankfully!) even Minnesota. And they all last two days. Typically they can only be scheduled on week days. And NOT on those pesky little holidays...Thanksgiving and Christmas. The logistics are just a tad complicated. But as a medical student this a good problem to have! So I/we really can't complain. 

Stars = interviews!!! 

I thought I was doing a fine job of keeping the weird pregnancy food cravings stereotype alive when I had a caramel apple and a pickle for my bedtime snack the other night. Then my big kids created their own bedtime snack tonight and put me to shame!!

Carrots and celery and peanut butter and shredded cheese and pickles all mixed together! Gross. But they actually are it! I was shocked. To say the least.

And on that fine note I will be calling it a night.

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