Sunday, October 5, 2014

22 weeks

Its been four weeks since I last lined up my children and forced them to take a picture with my ever growing belly. And since we were all in our Sunday best, today was picture day! They just love it. Kidding. But they do it. Somewhat willingly. Because they know mama means business when she pulls out her big camera and little chalk board. 

So what do I have to report about this pregnancy? Nothing terribly exciting so feel free to stop reading NOW.

But if you must know... I get short of breath very easily. Like taking a shower or walking up a flight of stairs makes me feel winded! Embarrassing but true:) I can only imagine what it will be like a few months from now. Hhmm. What else? My varicose veins are aching like crazy these days. (I really need to pull out my compression stockings! Tomorrow. I will get right on that tomorrow.) My appetite is ferocious. I pretty much eat anything and EVERYTHING these days. Caramel in any form seems to really hit the spot. I imagine my weight gain should be increasing accordingly. No doubt I will hit the 40 pound mark by 40 weeks just like my three previous pregnancies. (Though I do not need to gain that much weight or so I have been told!) This baby is a crazy mover and a kicker! Seriously I think this is my most active in-utero babe yet. Its crazy I feel him moving ALL THE TIME. My anterior placenta doesn't seem to block any of his kicks and jabs. And I LOVE it! Such a reassuring feeling. The movements can now be felt easily from the outside as well. Hannah loves to sit on my lap to feel baby brother kicking. Afterwards she excitedly exclaims "Baby kick ME!" She also loves to randomly lift my shirt to say "Hi baby!" The latter I could do without...especially in public! Trust me this gravid belly is best left covered up.

I think that about covers it. The good, the bad, the ugly. Pregnancy. It is amazing and wonderful and uncomfortable and weird all at once. There is nothing quite like it. But I love it. And I am SO THANKFUL that I get to experience it one last time.

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