Wednesday, October 8, 2014

this week part II.

Apparently I am on a weekly run-down rut. Forgive me. Because here I go again! (And yes I realize it hasn't been a complete week yet...but close enough). This morning (on a whim!) I decided to load up the whole crew (my parents' dog included) and walk Isaiah the one mile to school. I was huffing and puffing. But we all made it. Besides one leash wrapped around the stroller wheel fiasco, plus one stop for the dog to poo and my compression stockings NOT staying up, it was actually quite lovely. And I will just go ahead and check off 'exercise' from my list of things to do for....oh at least the next week! Probably longer. Let's be real here. A lot longer. 

I swear I do have some of my ducks-in-a-row. However at 5:15 on Monday evening when I discovered Isaiah's soccer practice was at 5:30 (NOT 6:30 like I had previously thought), you wouldn't have believed me. Ducks?! What ducks? Where are the ducks?! Can I just say how proud of myself I am that we arrived at practice only 10 minutes late?! Super duper proud. I had to get two kids out of the bath, dressed and fed in order to make that happen. And it happened. Scrambled eggs and toast in the van totally count as dinner. Even if one child was barefoot:) 

Today as I was dropping Charlotte off at preschool she (randomly) informed me that "Hannah is going to be taller than me soon. Because she eats more foods than me." Truth. At least she realizes she is going to be the runt of the family. 

Two nights ago Isaiah lost his second tooth. The tooth fairy forgot to visit that night despite him carefully placing his tooth under his pillow. (She couldn't find it because he didn't put it in the correct tooth fairy container. Obviously.) Last night the tooth fairy remembered to collect the tooth and dole out the cash...only after she was cozy warm in bed and almost asleep! She may or may not have misplaced the tooth in the dark, but that is irrelevant. Guess who didn't check under his pillow this morning?! Does that mean the tooth fairy can take back her money? I am thinking YES. 

Let's end on a really good note. We had parent-teacher conferences the other night. I went into it a little...okay...A LOT nervous. But Isaiah's teacher had nothing but good things to report to us!!! I worried for no reason. Apparently that apology note Joe had him write his teacher last week did the trick! She said things like "bright" and "helpful" and "socially appropriate" and "confident" and maybe even "gifted and talented" in regards to our eldest child! I might have walked out of there with my head held just a little higher than usual. Apparently we haven't completely screwed up as parents!! And changing schools seems to have been no big deal for him. Good to know. Good to know indeed. 

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