Tuesday, July 22, 2014

this grand adventure

At the beginning of 2014 when we first decided to travel with Joe on his away rotations and live this nomad life, I pictured a grand adventure! I pictured us hiking in the mountains of Colorado and/or swimming in the ocean surrounding Florida or something equally exciting for this Midwest girl.  Seeing new and exciting parts of this great country. Exposing our children to new and fun experiences, people, and foods. 

And well the reality is a tad different. In reality we are in Iowa. Not exactly wildly different than our Minnesota upbringing. And certainly not that different from our children's upbringings in Wisconsin and Illinois. Sure it's a bit more rural. And there are a lot more cornfields. But all in all not that adventurous. Or at least not the adventure I had imagined half a year ago. 

Maybe in another half a year I will look back at this summer of travels nostalgically as the summer of adventure and fun. (I hope so.) Because right now it is feeling more like "the summer we lived in a small apartment without a dining room table and a really uncomfortable futon". 

Lest I leave the impression that it has been all drudgery around here, let me clarify. We are having fun too. Mostly in short spurts between monotonous hours in the apartment. Take last night for example. We drove out to the country (all of 3 miles away). Parked right next to a corn field. And watched a tractor pull. 

See that black smoke? That's the tractor pulling a weight (on a skid?) across the arena. The objective is to go as far as possible. I don't really get it. But the crowd seemed to love it. And my kids were amused. So that was good enough for me:) 

Good enough in fact, that I decided to take the kids back for more county fair fun this morning. 

The kids played in a corn box. Looked at farm animals. Ate icees. Got free toothbrushes and monster stuffed animals. And picnicked....all while I melted in the heat.  

Kids picnicking...
Me melting...

It was 90 degrees but felt like 100 with 76% humidity. Too hot! Although my children didn't seem to notice or care. 

Grand adventures indeed!

We are headed back tonight. For the skid steer rodeo and hay bale toss. Should be interesting. Only 3 full days left in Iowa. Surely we can find a few a more adventures before we leave.

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