Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The other day we went to the pool. We decided to splurge and spend the $4.25/person for a day of fun (vs. playing at the splash pad for FREE). Apparently everyone else decided it was the perfect summer day to spend at the pool as well...

Seriously. The deep end was standing room ONLY. Unfortunately this pool did not allow re-entry if you left the pool. So our plan for Joe to attend his afternoon meeting at the hospital and re-join us afterwards was foiled! Fortunately this pool did allow flotation devices. So I was able to put two out of three of my kids in their life jackets and felt (mostly) confident in my ability to watch them and keep them all alive without Joe. 

But let's back up a few hours to this (adorable) scene...

Joe had worked a few night shifts in the ER so before we headed to the pool he slept in. So did Hannah. When I went to wake my sleeping beauties, the big kids decided it was the perfect time to run up and down the hall and slam our bedroom door shut. It was all fun and games until the door knob quit working. Which left Joe, Hannah and I on one side of the door and Charlotte and Isaiah on the other side! (I would have liked this arrangement had I been on the side of the door that allowed me access to the bathroom and kitchen!) After a little grumbling and complaining Joe jumped into action and freed us using his surgical knot trying instruments.

Our door knob currently looks like this...

And I won't allow Joe to put it back together because I am afraid it will happen again and next time my incredibly handy and resourceful husband won't be home to set me free! And the only thing I know how to do with surgical knot tying instruments is tie knots:)

Joe is convinced our children are going to destroy this apartment before we leave at the end of the month. And I suppose his fears are rooted in some the first 10 days we have been here they have managed to pee on the bath mat, stuff the return air vent full of smashed peas, break one door stopper off the wall, smear mud in the cream carpet and spill a bowl of milk on the black futon! I should probably just say goodbye to that deposit right about....NOW. 

But looking on the bright side here are some of the good things that have happened to us these last couple days:

-A librarian had sympathy on our family-of-five-dwelling-in-a-small-apartment selves and issued us a library card (which we don't technically qualify for)! Now we have a gazillion books and movies and Wii games at our disposal! It's wonderful.
-This afternoon we stumbled upon a FREE kids program at the park. And it meets Monday - Friday all month. AMAZING!! Dare I even changing?! Yes. Life changing. For two hours Isaiah and Charlotte colored and played and I wasn't the one supervising and/or directing them. Hannah and I loved our time alone. You better believe we will be at the park again tomorrow!

That's it. That's all I've got. Better call it a night. 

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