Friday, July 11, 2014

Quotable Kids

I: Mom can I get up?
Me: (still half asleep) I don't know. What time is it?
I: It's 7:20. 
Me: Really? How do you know the time?
I: I looked at the clock. 
Me: Oh. In your room?
I: Yeah. The clock in my room. It's 7:20. 
Me: Sure. Go play. (Mumbling to myself as Isaiah runs off) I didn't know there was a clock in that room....
I: There is a clock mom. It's an analogue clock. 
Me: Ummm...ok. 

And then later in the day (when I was a little more awake) I googled analogue clock:) By the way THIS is an analogue clock...

C: Mommy, I told my maflingo if I die I am going to put him in my shoe and take him with me to heaven.
Me: That's really nice of you Charlotte, but I think there will be even better toys in heaven.
C: No mommy! There is only God and clouds in heaven. No toys. I want to bring my mafingo. 

H: Daddy Iwaa. 
Me: Yes Hannah, daddy is in Iowa. Are you in Iowa?
H: Mo! Daddy Iwa. Daddy Iwa hospal. 

Translation: Daddy is in Iowa at the hospital. Not Hannah. 

There is no convincing this girl that she is also in Iowa. I quit trying. 

Me: Alright guys let's get going. We have a pizza to pick up on the way home (from the library). 
I: I thought you said we were having hot dogs for lunch! I want hot dogs. 
Me: We are having hot dogs for lunch. The pizza is for dinner. 
I: Oh. Yay! Hot dogs and pizza. Sounds like restaurant food! 
Me: Restaurant food? Hhmm. I thought it sounded more like your-mom-is-super-lazy-today food. 

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