Sunday, July 27, 2014

Feels like HOME

We left Iowa with a BANG! Ok not really a bang...more of a pack 10,000 bags and make a million trips between the apartment and van to get everything loaded and ready to go then clean the apartment while simultaneously feeding/entertaining children in an attempt to keep them from making a mess or breaking any of the 50 gazillion trinkets that are being put back in their proper place in the apartment tedious process! (I hope that paints a clear enough picture because no actual photos were taken.) 

But we made it. 

And our reward for that somewhat painful experience? An afternoon with good friends. Friends we only see about once a year. Friends that just happened to be in Iowa for the weekend in a town directly on our route to Michigan. Isn't it grand when life works out like that? So we chatted and ate brats and watermelon and homemade apple crisp and chatted some more. The kids ran free and played. We chatted the afternoon away. Probably a little too much because we got on the road a little later then planned. Alright A LOT later then planned. But it was worth it. Definitely worth it. (Again no pictures. Oops.) 

The rest of our 6 hour drive was relatively uneventful. I say relatively because there were a few minor moments of distress. For me the worst was eating a bowl of rice and hand soap! Yep HAND SOAP. Apparently if you store your bowl in the same bag as your bottle of hand soap while chatting the afternoon away, the two may combine! And let me tell you rice and Shea butter are NOT a good culinary combination. Much Pepsi was chugged in order to erase that taste from mouth! Gross but survivable. 

For the last two hours of our journey Hannah was quite distressed about her "knee owies" and cried nearly non-stop. These "knee owies" (AKA skinned knees) were acquired before we left the apartment and did not bother her in the least at the time of the injury! So why oh why did they become a problem then?! I will never know. But I do know it resulted in a whopper of a headache for me. 

(Once again no pictures were taken. Sorry? You are welcome?)

So we are here. In Michigan. In a lovely 3 bedroom, two bath house with a yard and an attached garage AND a washer and dryer that does not need to be fed quarters to operate! Pretty much feels like a mansion to us. I feel like we could lounge around all day here WITHOUT going crazy. Very unlike Iowa. Where we had to get out to stay sane. It's a nice change. Oh and the basement living room has become a bonafide playroom for the kids...complete with toys that were already here! Hallelujah. We may never leave. Kidding. Kinda. 

I did take one picture so far of life here in Michigan...

The Chicago skyline and couches nearly identical to ours. Homey:)


  1. Awwwww! A little Chicago there to remind you of me! :) we all miss you here

    1. I miss you too! But guess what?! We might make a 24 hour stop-over in your area!