Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some days.

Some days I am the fun parent. Not very many days. But every once in a while I am fun (in my children's eyes). Yesterday...well technically just last night...was one of those times. 

I challenged Isaiah to a pumping contest on the swings. 

And totally won!

I am glad to have proof of my fun-ness. Because today was not one of those days. Today was a day in which I felt like throwing in the towel. 

It wasn't anything major or even out of the ordinary. Just another day of siblings taunting each other. Yelling and screaming. With a dash of disobedience and defiance. Just enough chaos to make me wonder if I actually have any control over my children or not...

My verdict at the moment: NOT. 

So I sent everyone to their rooms and read a parenting book and waited for their dad to come home. (Spoiler Alert: he came home early and the day ended well. Because he is the true fun parent.)

I am hoping tomorrow will be a fun mom day. We could all use one of those again...

Exhibit A: ice cream for lunch. All Joe's idea. 

P.S. Apparently we need a new hair trimmers. Ours is on the fritz! Speaking of someday.  Someday I would like to send my husband to the barber instead of cutting his hair myself. Someday that will be in the budget, right?!? (Sorry that was an unrelated tangent.) 


  1. I cut my hubby's hair and HATE doing it! I love that it saves us $$ though and often say what we save goes towards me getting mine done 0:-)

    1. Never thought of it like that before! With that perspective I should be going to the salon more:)