Thursday, February 13, 2014


Random snippets of life:

I found the lost red diaper! To clarify, the soiled red diaper that had been unaccounted for for at least 5 days. Found it and my sanity. In the lid of the diaper pail:)

The girls and I went to the post office the other day. As I drove up I realized it was my FIRST time going to the post office in this town...and we have lived here for 2 years! Briefly I wondered why I avoid this place, then our 12 minute but felt-like-a-lifetime wait reminded me. Only so much fun can be had by the toddler/preschool crowd when forced to look at but NOT touch an entire card display and stand quietly in line! I thought we were going to make it out of there completely unscathed, but then as I was paying to mail my package I noticed Hannah was almost out the door! I wish I was exaggerating.  
The other night while completely exasperated with Isaiah beckoning me into his room after bedtime for the 100th time (for NO good reason!), I jokingly asked him if he had called me in just so he could gaze upon my beauty and tell me I am the prettiest girl in the world. He got a big grin on his face and informed me that I am the second prettiest girl in the world. I told him GOOD NIGHT!

Our washer and/or dryer is eating our clothes! And I am beyond frustrated. It seems that with every wash at least one article of clothing comes out with a dozen tiny bite marks (i.e. holes). I then spend waaaaay too much time sewing all the holes closed. While I love sewing, mending is not my forte. But replacing the clothes isn't in the budget. Someday I will be able toss torn and worn clothes. Someday. Until then I will mend and make do. 

mended & adorable!
Tonight Charlotte asked daddy why he was wearing his "doctor pants" (aka scrubs). I love all the random references she makes about medical school. She is constantly talking about daddy "learning to doctor" and practicing "doctor stuff". He's in "doctor school" don't ya know?!

the mug cracks me up.

Speaking of doctor school, this week Joe started pediatrics. So far so good. Currently he is doing inpatient newborns. (Sounds like a blast to me!) I laughed at his story about counseling a patient's (brand new) mom about breastfeeding. The man knows a thing or two about breastfeeding:) He even impressed the residents he is working with. They are all in awe of him because he has THREE kids! That's like pediatric gold. Next he will do two weeks of peds clinic and then three weeks inpatient. If I were a betting person, I would bet he will be bored in the clinic but like inpatient. I personally think he would make a fabulous pediatrician. But I don't get to choose his specialty! Darn. 

Lastly, I made myself a camera case. Wait. That is worth repeating. I MADE MYSELF A CAMERA CASE!! As in I took some fabric and foam and sewed a camera case from scratch. And yes I am ridiculously proud of myself. Just might type up a little how-to so I can ramble on about it some more. Stay tuned...or not:) I will never know.


Snippets? Ha! More like a novella. Oops. 


  1. Those "mended" leggings are way too precious! Cuter than anything store bought for sure!!

    1. Thank you! A little felt & embroidery floss can go a long way on improving little kid clothes:)