Monday, February 17, 2014

Slooooow going

I don't know why and I don't know how, but this morning time stood still. Or at the very least moved very, very slooooooowly. It was 9:15 and we had all eaten breakfast, watched cartoons, gotten dressed (multiple times for a certain little miss needs THE perfect outfit), completed our first art project of the day (wrapping & decorating daddy's birthday gifts), had a snack (plain sliced bread per their request), washed the dishes and I had thrown in one load of laundry. I had no idea how we were going to fill the rest of the day! So I did what I always do. I sent Joe a text (telling him that time had stopped). He agreed. Which took all of 30 seconds. Soooooo I scrubbed the oven and microwave. 

And then because its Joe's birthday, I started ironing his new (from his mom) dress shirt. [I really hate ironing, but I love my husband.] It was then that Charlotte started playing "doggy" with Hannah. Hannah was the dog and Charlotte was throwing peanuts (second course snack) for her to fetch. Basically Charlotte threw a peanut and called out "fetch doggy" and Hannah would run over and eat the peanut from the floor. I debated stopping this game as it somehow felt wrong to allow the three year old to feed the one year old like a dog. But it was good cheap entertainment. So I just watched and chuckled (inside). 

Once all the peanuts were tossed and consumed Charlotte wandered down the hall towards Isaiah. I didn't hear the beginning of their conversation, but my ears perked up when I heard Charlotte declare "I do know what OB-GYN is!"  

The debate went a little something like this...

Charlotte: I do know what OB-GYN is. 
Isaiah: No you don't. Charlotte what is OB-GYN?
Charlotte: I know OB-GYN.
Isaiah: No you don't! What is OB-GYN?
Charlotte: I know OB-GYN!!
Isaiah: No you don't. OB-GYN is a made up word. 
Charlotte: OB-GYN is not a made up word! OB-GYN is...OB-GYN is....OB-GYN is...
Isaiah: What is it Charlotte? You don't know. 
Charlotte: I do know OB-GYN! It's God's playground. 

It's at this point I nearly died laughing. But first I grabbed the video camera! And then once the discussion was recorded for prosperity, I explained that OB-GYN is not a made up word. It is a shortened version of obstetrics & gynecology, which is a specialty of medicine. 

Time still went slow. But the laughs made it seem not so painful. And Joe's shirt looks great. 

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