Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014

Last night while preparing a birthday dinner for our birthday boy, Hannah came to me begging to go outside. First she brought her mittens and hat. Then her winter coat and finally her boots.  Apparently she was tired of being cooped up inside watching the snow fall all.day.long. 

Since our birthday boy was no where near joining us for dinner, I decided to oblige her and left dinner simmering. We went out to get the mail. 

Only to realize there was no mail. Because it was President's Day. Oops. But there was plenty of snow so I shoveled while Hannah watched and smiled. 

She was so pleased with herself. Eventually she toddled over to me to get a closer look at my work. She then wanted her picture taken on both sides of the driveway and with me. I of course obliged. 

I think the shoveling may have been the best gift I gave Joe this year. (He really dislikes winter!) Although he says he likes both the shirts I picked out for him as well. Hopefully the shoveling and shirts make up for the fact that he had to serve himself his birthday dinner (because I had lost all motivation by the time he made his appearance) and I made my favorite cake for his birthday. We didn't even sing "Happy Birthday" to him. 

But I am getting ahead of myself here...

On our way in from shoveling, I had a moment of inspiration. I took the window picture of the kids. So that I could recreate a 'pin' I had seen recently. So really it was a pinspiration! Too cheesy? Yes. Sorry. 

Aah! They are trapped in my phone!!!
I love it. It makes me smile every time I see it. What doesn't make me smile is the fact that once Hannah & I came inside I discovered the big kids had eaten the entire top off the angel food cake I left cooling on the counter! 

This is going no where. Sorry. But LOOK eventually we ate the cake (with the kids in bed calling out because they needed us!) and watched the US free dance skate team win the Olympic Gold medal. 

Not sure why I just pounded all of that out here. No real point or purpose. Somehow it seemed more noteworthy while it was unfolding. Not so much now.  It was the day that never wanted to end...including Isaiah in our room at 11pm because he "couldn't fall asleep"...so of course I had to record it. For prosperity?! To remember the birthday that was a flop?! I'm not sure. To motivate me to do better next year for Joe's birthday?! Either way, it's done. Over. No going back. Goodbye February 17, 2014. I won't miss you. 

I really shouldn't hit 'publish' but I will anyway. It would be such a shame to waste all those fabulous collages:)


  1. That's such a cute screensaver idea!!! Hope today is much better for you!

    1. It was. Thank goodness! The sun was shining and the temperature was ABOVE freezing. Good weather always makes a day better:)

  2. I'm glad you published!!! This sooo made me smile.

    1. Well if you enjoyed THAT then just you wait...I have some real winners coming later this week. Oh like the nitty gritty details of me cleaning out the van! The fun never ends:)