Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I wrote yesterday's post last week and scheduled it to be published in the future. When I picked the publish date it was chosen at random. 

And then yesterday happened. 

Joe had the unfortunate experience of suggesting a parenting book to me (via text) and me responding very unkindly. Lets just say on the spectrum of "barely surviving to thriving" I was a -2. Poor guy got a screenful of my less than welcoming thoughts on the book suggestion. And since I was in full on text attack mode I decided to tell him what I thought about his earlier hints that I should make crockpot meals as well! 

Ironic doesn't do yesterday justice. 

At one point during the day I remembered the post (and all it's cheer and yay us!) and I had the thought that I should delete it (or at least postpone it a bit). But that sounded like a lot of work. Which is how I realized...I didn't just hate my life...I was SICK. As in those random hot flashes and bodyaches I was experiencing all day were an actual FEVER. I wasn't just angry. I was run down and overwhelmed!  

[Do you know how hard it is to load up three uncooperative kids in a van when it is 10 degrees out and you have a fever and no energy? It ain't easy. And it might just result in a baditude. Trust me.]

At the clinic one of Joe's classmates asked Joe to text me - to request that I buy her some fruit snacks too - Joe politely declined. He didn't want to see me try to murder him through our phones. (That is a direct quote from him.)

Thankfully Joe got home early-ish and I got to rest (kinda...does fishing poop out of the tub count as rest?! Yep that happened.) Joe was extremely relieved to discover that I was sick and not just pure evil. Seriously my text messages were mean. 

As I was falling asleep last night I was startled awake by Joe's deep belly laugh. I rolled over to find him reading my blog post...


Joe's book recommendation (which came from a pediatrician he is training under): SOS help for parents. 

I might have already requested it from the library:)


  1. I probably shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it. Your posts never disappoint. Hopefully you are feeling better!

    1. Oh I laughed too:) Sometimes life just plays mean tricks on us! Much better - thank you. All that remains is runny nose. I can handle that.