Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pearly whites.

I used to think that going to the dentist was like torture. THEN I had kids. And now I know that taking young kids to the dentist IS torture. Cruel and unusual punishment really. 

Nowadays going to my dental appointments is like a mini vacation! Seriously, I get to put my feet up, relax in a *mostly* comfortable chair, listen to music and even close my eyes for a few minutes. The most anyone demands of me is to "open, close, swallow". I can handle that. Last spring I had an old filling fixed. It was a loooong appointment. Not gonna lie, it was kind of like a dream. 

In all honesty, the kids' appointments went fairly well. The hygienist and dentist were awesome with the kids. Plus they had TVs mounted in front of each chair. Nothing better than cartoons to make it a good experience! It was AFTER the appointment when the real fun began. 

Charlotte was tired and asked to take a nap. I had no qualms with that! But the dentist had told Charlotte that she is a BIG GIRL and she can't suck her thumb anymore. And she took those words to heart. She was bound and determined to stop. BUT she didn't know how to fall asleep without her thumb. She tossed and turned and CRIED. Oh the tears. The girl was genuinely sad. She was mourning the loss of her "sucking thumb". It was sad to watch. No amount of singing, snuggling or back rubbing helped. She cried and cried. She did NOT nap. 

But more importantly she did NOT suck her thumb! I so badly wanted to tell her "It's ok. You can suck your thumb. Stay my little girl a little longer" because her pain was almost too much for me to watch. However she is stronger than I am. She did it. My 3 year old has more will power and determination than I ever imagined. And I am so proud of her. 

She hasn't sucked her thumb once since the appointment and all because the dentist told her to stop. WOW! However I did catch her attempting to suck her toe once or twice...maybe he will have to be a little more detailed with his instructions next time:)


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    1. Even sadder is the fact that just this morning she tripped on the sidewalk and bumped two teeth out of place:( Not all the way out...just back!