Friday, December 6, 2013

Craft Fair!

For the past few weeks I have spent *almost* every nap time and post-kids bedtime hours sewing, sewing, sewing. I was working like a mad woman to create homemade merchandise for my first ever craft fair (held yesterday at Joe's school)...

and I sold three items for a grand total of $16. While my supplies cost me $18. Whomp. Whomp. Whomp. [Watch out family and friends...many homemade gifts headed your way!]

BUT I am okay with that BECAUSE the best part of the sale was this...

My best friend, Erica came into town just for the sale! And we got to hang out ALL DAY while our husbands held down the fort back with all the kids. (We definitely got the better end of that deal - just don't tell the guys:) It was such a treat! SIX mostly uninterrupted hours with my friend. Besides a few pesky sale transactions we were able to chat the day away! And Erica did much better at the sale than me. Which isn't surprising because she is far more talented than I AND she brought more stuff. 

I made little boy neck ties and bow ties. As well as bow tie onesies. 

A few scarves. Bibs & a burp cloth. A crayon roll-up. And baby doll slings. 

A couple Christmas pennant-style banners. And my pride and joy were the two hooded monkey bath towels that I created WITHOUT a pattern or tutorial. I had a vision in my head and I made it happen!  But neither of them sold...

Lastly (but certainly not least!) I created a few counterfeit 'Owie Owls'. 

Let me explain these fun little guys. First things first, they are cold packs for kids (of all ages!). We have one and they work amazingly well. Our owl lives in the freezer at ALL TIMES. Then when a bump or fall happens, as is likely with little kids in the house, we pull him out and VOILA instant relief. Seriously, my kids LOVE him. And so do I! I am not sure how we survived these everyday "traumas" before we owned him.

Now onto the counterfeit part. My cousin and his ridiculously talented wife are in the middle of expanding their family through international adoption. As part of their fund raising efforts Mara (the talented seamstress part of this duo) has created Owie Owls and is selling them over on their blog, Waiting Stitches. 

I decided to *try* to help them out by making a few (using her original as my template) and selling them at the craft fair with all proceeds going towards their adoption fund. Mine were not nearly as adorable or well made as the original Owie Owl. But somehow I still managed to sell one. So a whopping $12* is headed their way. However if YOU want to buy one click on over to Waiting Stitches and get your order in. You won't regret it! They are fabulous and kids love them. They make a great baby or kid gift. *Hint. Hint.*  It will be money well spent. I promise. 

And now for far less important information, after the sale I took Erica on her inaugural trip to Charming Charlie. The girl was in heaven!!! As I knew she would be:)

Lastly, Isaiah bought Lily (pictured above) a locket because "she wants it" and "it is pink. Her FAVORITE color!" and "it's a heart because we love each other". Seriously the sweetness was almost too much! My heart melted a bit until he broke the locket an hour later...such is life!
*I realized I sold my Owie Owls for a few dollars cheaper than the REAL Owie Owls. Mine just weren't as nice as hers are...I didn't feel I could charge that much. But Mara's workmanship is FABULOUS - totally worth the $3 more:)


  1. This past weekend was definitely one for the memory books! Fun was had by ALL, but I secretly think we Mom's had more fun. :) Between the craft fair, Charming Charlie's (LOVE that store) and late night talks it couldn't have been better. I cherish your friendship and am so glad we can enjoy these moments even though we are miles apart! Love you dear friend!

    1. It has been tough going back to reality since you guys left:( The weekend was THE BEST! Thank you for coming.

  2. Oh and I will never forget that moment between Lily and Isaiah and the locket. Such precious words coming from 2 special little kiddos! I am glad their friendship has lasted the miles as well!