Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello Family Medicine.

Today is going to be a doozy. I just know it. It's back to reality for this family. And sometimes I just don't like facing reality. Especially when my reality is three tired, crabby kids in a house that looks like Christmas threw up inside it. (Totally our fault. We just dumped the entire contents of our mini van into the house without putting anything away upon our return!) And it's freeeeezing outside so there is NO chance of us getting out. AND Joe is back to school, which is family medicine for the next 6 weeks. So yeah, coupled with my complete lack of motivation to do anything productive...this could be interesting. 

Charlotte has already this morning managed to tear three pages out of her new book and text my cousin's husband an inappropriate message! 

Last night as I was tucking Isaiah into bed, we were discussing one of his friends. Isaiah thought it was pretty cool that this friend has two houses (because his parents are divorced) and therefore DOUBLE the toys! My attempt to explain the not-so-cool parts of having divorced parents failed miserably. I said divorce is sad because the friend doesn't get to spend time with his mom and dad together. To which Isaiah immediately replied, "Yeah, that's like our house too. You are here and dad is at the hospital. Right mom?!" Ummm. No. Well....kinda. 

Welcome back to reality indeed. I am going to miss my relaxed and carefree husband. I am going to miss our seemingly endless family time. I am going to miss having my co-pilot around. But we've got this thing. I think. Maybe. After I drink my soda and get out of my jammies. Which may or may not happen yet this morning. 

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  1. The text made me laugh....she picked a good person to text!

    Reality can be tough. Especially after a kid free Mexico vacation and Christmas. I hope the super naps helped the kids and the Pepsi helped the mom.