Monday, December 9, 2013

I tried to pick up Isaiah from school twice today...the first time I was 15 minutes early and the second time I was right on time, but apparently that was actually late! Evidenced by the fact that he was the last kid waiting and I was greeted by an exasperated "finally". 

The first time I completely forgot about chess club. Which meets every Monday after school. So I left him there and returned 2 hours later with the girls. I like to believe I would have been early the second time as well but for some mysterious reason both girls became screaming rag dolls lacking any ability to put on winter gear OR walk precisely when we needed to leave. 

It's no wonder Isaiah planned and wrote out his morning routine. Clearly I need help in this department. If only he had written out the entire day...

In my defense it has been one of those days. A day that is sooooo long and tiring that it feels like surely it should be Wednedsay or Thursday already. But nope. Still Monday. Bummer. 

The day started with a puking child. And continued with a nearly 2 hour "intake appointment" (for Hannah for speech therapy) as well as a self-inflicted torture filled trip to Walmart to finish Christmas shopping and a quick trip to the dentist for Charlotte's mouth situation. The dentist suggested she fall again so the other front tooth gets pushed back too! I vote we just start calling her "Bucky". 

This evening was no better. The kids' whining, screaming and deliberate disobedience was at an all time HIGH. While my patience was at an all time LOW. Not a winning combination. Not at all. 

Hannah mostly screamed because she wanted these Hero Factory balls. The perfect choking hazard. Cruel mother that I am, I took them away. Five minutes before dinner was ready the kids gorged themselves on muffins much to my dismay. They managed to ruin dinner AND tomorrow's breakfast in one disobedient move. That might be a new record. 

There was more. I am sure off it. The shenanigans were seemingly endless tonight. But I am too tired to remember now. My eyes can barely stay open. Yet my mind is running at 100 thoughts/minute. I am thinking about things like the dinner dishes I deserted on the table. PLUS yesterday's dishes still in the sink:( The large load of laundry in the washing machine that I pray doesn't smell too mildew-y in the morning...and the load in the dryer that will be a wrinkled heap by morning. But a CLEAN heap. And regretting skipping bath for the girls. It's overdue. And I didn't finish my Bible study for tomorrow. AGAIN. We are out of baby wipes. Crap. And I really, really hope speech therapy will help Hannah and the near constant screaming will stop. Lastly, why are all my kids still awake when I am so sleepy? WHY?
That last line is just a suggestion. I am sure. Otherwise I would feel really bad about eating them by the fistful all by myself...


  1. I guess it is good I didn't text you I was bored on probably wouldn't have been in the mood. How's threat of the week going?

    1. The rest of the week? Just dandy! Not. I could use some boredom:)