Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pearly whites, part 2

The sequence (the not so pearly & white part).

An even sadder tale of Charlotte and her teeth. She had a little incident yesterday morning. Walking on the (uneven) walkway up to our house she tripped. She seemed to catch herself at first, but in the end her head took the brunt of the fall. Per her usual:(

It looks pretty nasty. Poor baby. She only really complains of pain when eating. She's one tough cookie!

Her front left tooth (pictured on the right) is definitely out of place. Pushed up & back. And it keeps bleeding at the gums. So back to the dentist we go tomorrow morning! 

Her only concern was that she wouldn't be pretty enough for her Christmas performance at church this morning. She didn't want everyone to see her owie:(

I think she looked adorable! Owie and all. And I was so proud of her, she sang almost every word and did all the actions!

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